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4B approves $100,000 for bicycle infrastructure project

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2020-08-29 05:22:48

Wichita Falls is proposing a five-year plan to create more than 22 miles of shared and dedicated roadways for bicyclists. The move would aid in the city's continued designation as a bike-friendly city.

The Wichita Falls biking group was excited and proud when town was awarded bronze recognition as a bike-friendly group by the League of American Cyclists.

Now town is poised to spend money on a five-year plan for infrastructure that can assist cement their dedication to long-term bicycle friendliness.

Throughout the 4B Gross sales Tax Company board of administrators assembly Thursday, Wichita Falls Director of Aviation, Visitors and Transportation John Burrus outlined short-term and long-range actions for prepping roadways to be extra bike pleasant.

Now that town was observed as a bronze-level bike-friendly group, the objective is to point out town helps cyclists by making a secure infrastructure of roadways for bike use.

The 4B board authorised $100,000 of funding towards striping of about 22 miles of roadway for shared use between cyclists and motorists.

John Burrus speaks Thursday during a 4B meeting. Wichita Falls is working toward several pedestrian and bicycle-friendly projects including a five-year, $500,000 plan to create bike infrastructure along city roads.

Designated roadways can be marked each 250 ft with emblems for the bicycle lanes.

The funding will go earlier than metropolis council September 15 for closing consideration.

Burrus stated roadways devoted for bike-use solely is tougher and costly to rearrange than share lanes, nevertheless, town want to have some devoted bike-only roadways sooner or later.

The bike infrastructure mission is anticipated to price about $4,456 per mile of roadway.


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