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Advantages of folding electric bikes

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Today, there are hundreds of folding electric bikes. Due to the development of better and lighter batteries, frame materials , and small tire technology, the quality of riding has improved, the size and weight have decreased, so the best performance has become similar as their bigger cousins.But foldable electric bikes have some advantages over ordinary vehicle bikes :

Folding Electric Bikes

1.Save space at home and elsewhere (suitable for all)

Here is one of the main advantages of folding electric bikes. There are many aspects. First of all, you don’t need to leave your expensive electric bikes outside. Just fold it and carry it with you as a suitcase or bag. If you have put your bike inside, they don’t need how much space in your home or office.

2.Unlimited and free on public transportation
No one even knows what you are carrying! Just fold the electric bike and put it in a bag or suitcase.

By simply folding your bike, it is likely to be easily placed in a specific bag for safe transport. And you can generally travel free with them without booking restrictions on train, bus, underground, ferry or plane. It’s that freedom to travel anywhere with your bike that gives folding electric bikes a magic quality. A folding electric bike can open up entirely new ways of travelling with much longer distances and lighter carriage.


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