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Best Electric Mountain Bike Size Guide

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One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years during sales:Which size fits my height?

Generally speaking, if your legs are longer, you should choose a larger size.

First, let’s consider your riding experience. Have you spent many years in the saddle, or are you a novice or a returning rider? How lively are you? 

Can you get off and on the bike easily, or do you want a bicycle to make your life easier?

For novice riders, we recommend that you’d better make sure the soles of your feet are firmly on the ground while sitting down. 

When you stop and start, this provides a stable foundation for you. For smaller riders, this is usually a problem, because standard bicycle sizes with 26 “wheels are usually a little larger for anyone under 5’5” (165 cm).
Most models have frames of various sizes. If you are 5’6”, it’s better to have a 45 cm or 46 cm frame. If you are about 6’2” , we recommend a 55 cm frame. Otherwise, you will find that the 50 cm frame size is just right.

Here is a chart of electric mountain bike frame size for your referrence:

best frame size guide


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