Let us embrace your own spring through hotebike!


Farewell to the cold winter, let’s stretch your arms and embrace their own spring!

electric bike

If the purpose of riding a plane, train, car travel, travel is “point”, then ride Hotebike electric bike trip is the goal of “line” in the process of  hotebike electric bike travel you will find travel everywhere is the scenery, will feel More travel fun, enjoy the more unique scenery, experience a more detailed style of humanities.
While enjoying the scenery at the same time, fashion, health, environmental protection is the pride of electric bike travel forever. Cross the hotebike electric bike, or maneuvering, or leisurely, the line of sight from the flashing computer screen to the front of the forest hills; the body from the narrow desk to the vast field of rural areas; passing the city’s steel jungle, Through the alley in the imperial city rhyme; out of the modern bustling, to find a natural quiet.
In the fashion movement to enjoy the rustic village of rustic; in the city looking for the feelings of the old dream; breathe the fresh air outside, burning the body of excess fat, the congestion in the side of the black smoke of the iron box Behind, enjoy the trip at the same time, leaving yourself a healthy body, leaving yourself a fresh blue sky.

Electric bike tour must be seen before departure!
Prepare a suitable for your electric bike, back a luggage, bring a happy mood, on the road, friends!

Before you leave your trip, you need to pay attention to these matters:

1. Long-distance ride before the physical training
Even if you do not ride an electric bike around the world’s dream, suppose you think of riding environment and excellent conditions in Taiwan or the Netherlands (vacation), Canada and other places to travel, it is necessary to prepare in advance, the most important thing is Plan the physical training, with the process of early training, but also make the psychological become strong, to cope with the journey may occur in a 
variety of unexpected situations.

2. Choose an electric bike for you
Bicycle trips can be picked and purchased for their own bike to carry, and now some large airlines can handle the bike shipping business. In order to reduce the trouble, it is best to buy a convenient light experience good folding car, HOTEBIKE worth recommending. If you ride China’s Sichuan-Tibet line, buy such a heart and high performance in the high-end electric bike is necessary. But the new car bought, it is best to try to ride a period of time and then start, so you can understand the performance of the entire electric bike, where to find prone to problems in order to repair in time on the road.

3. Design the ride route
Electric bike travel is not completed with a temporary rise. First of all, the traveler must have enough interest in cycling, like riding a walk and stop and stop to see the feeling of the scenery, otherwise after the initial excitement, it is easy to feel boring and hard. After that, is in accordance with the purpose of travel and personal physical condition, economic conditions, the length of the holiday and other factors, design and planning of electric bicycle travel routes.

4. Baggage package
Long-distance cycling travel baggage should be as simple as possible. Because all the belongings should be carried in the car all the way, weight, size, practicality and utilization are needed to consider. Suitable for daily necessities, including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking utensils, stoves, windbreakers, etc., will be all the equipment after finishing, put in the hanging bag on the length of time, accommodation and funding budget, climate, Bale.

5. Electric bicycle maintenance and essential tools
Riding on the journey, the most common fault is the tire damage, the battery is dead, followed by the wheel wire broken and the rest of the spare parts damage, and a large part of the reason is the product life or mileage has reached its useful life. So before starting, it is best to replace the important parts, and carry enough spare parts. Especially when traveling to backward areas, electric bikedue to the local road conditions are usually poor, and the supply of difficulties, it is best to first bike to the professional maintenance shop for a comprehensive inspection, excluding possible hidden worries.
Road bike travel to the necessary tools, including screwdriver, vise, wrench, hexagonal combination, tire repair tools, gas cylinders, spare tube and so on. Should try to choose a combination of tools, can reduce the weight. In addition, the companion is best to have one or two proficient in vehicle maintenance, to prevent the emergence of difficult situations.

6. food supply
Riding a bike travel a lot of energy, eating is a very critical thing. Long-distance travel is usually in the supermarket along the way to add food, generally large supermarkets near the hotel or fast food restaurant. If several people go hand in hand, you can also open their own cooking, this time to carry the stoves and cooking utensils should be strong, durable and light for the principle, along the way can add fresh fruits and vegetables.
In addition, portable backpack to be standing chocolate, beef jerky and other snacks, timely added physical. If you travel at an altitude of 20 kilometers per hour, about every 15 minutes should be added once the water. When the feeling of fatigue, the mouth contains no nuclear words plum, dried tangerine peel and other sour small food to a certain extent, ease fatigue.

7. Clothing equipment
Regardless of spring and summer, to long-sleeved riding suit as well, such as wearing short-sleeved riding clothes, remember to add a pair of cuffs, and with long riding pants, with a scarf cover. Ordinary professional riding suits are tight, the purpose is to reduce the wind resistance, reduce and scrape the rubbing. As for the rest of the clothing, is still streamlined, quick-drying sweat sweater mainly in the case of winter or need to travel through high altitude areas, need to carry high quality warm warm clothing, can also be purchased locally. Riding gloves is also necessary, it can improve the comfort of riding in the hand, when the crash can also play a role in protecting the hand.Helmets, riding glasses is also very important. Helmet is to ensure that the first ride safety equipment, regular manufacturers of helmets will have a corresponding quality certification standards; riding glasses must also meet the anti-UV, not broken, breathable performance, face design and other conditions. Shoes as far as possible to wear hard bottom of the outdoor sports shoes, easy to force, while the best with a pair of sandals, wading can be replaced.

8. Accommodation
It is advisable to plan your accommodation before departure. Metropolitan youth hostels are usually easier to get full, arrived at the local tourist center can be obtained along the relevant accommodation information, local b & b, motel can choose.