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Double Motor Fat Tire Electric Bike Snow Electric Bike

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Fat tire electric biks can easily become the most popular category in the electric bike market. With 4″ or larger tires, these fat tire electric bikes let you ride as you wish, including bumpy roads, rocks and even sand to make you feel comfortable. Fat tire electric bikes come in many different frame styles, including beach cruisers, full-hanging mountain bikes and even folding electric bikes. Some fat tire electric bikes are even designed to be hunting electric bikes. If you want to take a snow road train or a beach, then a fat tire electric bike is the best choice.

electric fat tire

double motor electric bike fat tire snow ebike
*48v 20ah powerful battery
*48v 500w*2 double motor
*max speed 40-45km/h
*60-80km range per charging
*usb charger plus 5V1A for mobile phone
*Highlight waterproof 2W LED lights


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