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E-Bike Chain Cleaning Tips

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E-Bike Chain Cleaning Tips

Choose the lubricant suitable for your bike according to the conditions you use. Once you have lubricants, you should thoroughly clean the bicycle chain before use. Then you can easily apply lubricants to bike chains. Once you have mastered it, you can start lubricating your bicycle chain regularly in a few minutes!

Maintenance Lube for e-bike Chain

1. Spray degreaser on old rags. The rag will get dirty from the chain, so use a rag you don’t like very much. There is no need for many degreasing agents on the rag; quick spray is enough.

No degreasing spray? If your lubricating biKe chain is not so dirty, you can wipe it with a wet rag. If there is dirt and dirt after that, you should go to the local hardware store to get a defatted spray.

2. Back the chain and let it pass through the rag. Grasp one of the bicycle pedals with your spare hands and turn the pedals backwards. Chains should begin to move around the chains on bicycles. Keep back until the whole chain slips through the rag in your hand. Fix the cloth in place when the chain rotates.

ebike chain clean

3. Press the wet side of the cloth on a part of the bicycle chain. Fix the cloth in place by hand. Chains should be in contact with the wiping parts sprayed with degreaser.

4. If the bike chain slips, please reopen it. The chain is relaxed by pushing the rear chain arm (the metal arm on the rear tire) into the handlebar. Put the chain back on the chain ring, then push back the back dialer arm to its original position. Step on the chain several times, you should go well!


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