electric bicycle cyclist — healthier lifestyle

electric bicycle cyclist

Electric bikes are taking the world by storm with sales increasing each year as people demand healthier lifestyles, energy efficiency, and pollution reduction.

The Adventurer

Your electric bicycle helps you conquer mountains and dry river beds, traipses through forests, and plows through mud.  When you need it in rough terrain. 

These escapades require an e-bike that is as tough and ready for anything as you are, and a long life battery doesnt hurt either.

The Family

A tandem electric bike with a trailer on the back? Why not. Get your whole family involved in electric bicycle trips around your town or through the countryside with a 

motor ready and willing to help pull your load. This creates wonderful family moments, and your children will learn the value of cycling, exercise, and an appreciation of the 

great outdoors. The Hotebike electric bicycle is the perfect alternative vehicle for dropping your kids to from school.

The Road Tripper

The leisurely pace and fresh air are the ideal getaway for you, regardless of the destination. You like to see new places and find less trod paths when you map out your road trips, 

and you know that you dont have to go too far from home to find interesting destinations.

The Commuter

You selected your electric bicycle for the trip to work. You decided that an electric bike would get you to work more quickly and efficiently than your automobile. As an added bonus, 

your ride to and from work is now invigorating and lowers your stress rather than adding to it. Those living in big cities are often pleasantly surprised at the change in their commute on 

an affordable e-bike compared to using a car or public transportation.

The Leisurely Rider

While you use an automobile for daily commuting and errands, your electric bicycle is for when it is time to relax. Take a meandering trip to a local park or lake on a Sunday afternoon or 

ride to a friends house just to say hello. Your e-bike helps you relax and enjoy your free time before heading back to the rat race.

The Money Saver

Sure an electric bike has mental and physical health benefits, but you are most impressed by the dollars and cents. An automobile costs hundreds of dollars per month, while an electric bicycle 

is less than a dollar per day. That is all you needed to hear to jump on your first electric bike. You save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year by saying good-bye to your gas guzzler 

and depending upon your energy efficient e-bike.

The Conservationist

Each time you see the smog settling over the city or smoke belching from an exhaust pipe, you get a little angry inside. You chose an electric bicycle because you wanted to reduce your carbon

footprint and encourage others to do the same. You reduce, reuse, and recycle and hop on your e-bike as one more gift to Mother Earth.

The Wild Card

So many great things about electric bikes encouraged you to try your first ride. You ride your electric bicycle whenever you can and love the way you feel afterward. Its inexpensive to operate 

and maintain, and you appreciate the fact that you are doing your part to save the Earth. Theres no single reason or one purpose for your e-bike, but you know your life wouldnt be the same without it.