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Electric Bike Company in Zhuhai

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Shuangye electric bikes are currently on a massive annual sale. We know Shuangye makes high quality electric bicycles, you can rest assured to buy and ride. The current sales are a clearance for 2018 models. One of the best ways to get a discount on any bike is to buy a model from the previous year. In addition, Shuangye provides 24-hour fast and high-quality after-sales service, so that you have no worries.


Electronic control parts: Our company starts producing electric bike lithium batteries, BMS and controllers since 2006. We have a senior professional knowledge of electronic control, and more than 20 units test equipment, which can strictly control the raw material testing, and prevent cells overcharge and over discharge, as well as capacity detection. Compared to other suppliers, we can provide prompt after-sales service once feedback.
R&D team: Our company set up the electric bicycle production line since 2010. We have our own Research and Design team, which lead to novel and fashionable products often. So the products are very popular around the world. Besides, we have our own molds, which are not easy to be imitated because of the exclusive designs. This is also the reason of price competitive advantage. 
After-sales team: We have a professional and efficiency sales team which formed by 20 people. Whenever you and your customers encounter problems, we can provide the feedback at any time online and help you solve the problems as soon as we can.


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