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Electric Bike in China

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China has seen explosive growth in sales of non-assisted electric bikes, including scooters, with annual sales rising from 56,000 in 1998 to more than 21 million in 2008 and an estimated 120 million e-bikes. In early 2010, the boom was sparked by efforts by local governments in China to limit motorcycles in downtown areas to avoid traffic disruptions and accidents. By the end of 2009, motorcycles were banned or restricted in more than 90 major Chinese cities. Users are replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles, and electric bikes are becoming an alternative to driving to and from work. Still, road safety problems continue, with about 2,500 ev-related deaths in 2007. By the end of 2009, ten cities had banned or restricted e-bikes on the same grounds as motorcycles. These cities include guangzhou, shenzhen, changsha, foshan, changzhou and dongguang.

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China is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric bicycles, with 22.2 million units produced in 2009. As the leading world market for electric bicycles, China’s experience has raised concerns about road traffic safety, and some cities have considered banning them from using bike lanes. With the increase in the number of electric bicycles and the use of more powerful motors, which can reach 40 km/h, the number of traffic accidents in China has also increased significantly. E-bike riders are more likely to be killed or injured in a crash than car drivers, and because they use traditional bike lanes, they mix with slow-moving bikes and pedestrians, increasing the risk of traffic collisions. Therefore, we should actively face the impact of e-bike.


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