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How should we maintain our ebike battery

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As we all know the battery is the heart of any electric bike. If your electric bike is from us, we usually charge the battery fully before it goes to the workshop, because we know that you will want to ride it the moment you receive it. However,it is best to fully charge it before your first ride.This helps to adjust the battery and provide a starting point from which the rest of the operation can be measured. But how should we maintain our batteries? Here I will give you some suggestions to ensure that your ebike battery provides you with good service.

  • After Each Ride

After each ride, you can take some steps to ensure your eBike battery is ready and provide the perfect conditions for your next trip. We recommend charging the battery, but don’t charge it for a few days, just enough.

  • Remove For Cleaning

Remember to remove the battery before cleaning the electric bike to ensure safe operation and retain the battery.
Travel with battery

  • Charge The Battery

Charge the battery after each ride ,even after a short distance, which ensures that it is always fully charged.

  • Remove The Battery From Bike

It is better not to leave the battery in the electric bike, this will ensure the safety of the battery and keep the battery intact.

  • Travel With Battery

When placing an electric bike on a car, it is best to remove the battery. This not only provides more space for the frame fixture, but also ensures that the battery is in the vehicle, safe and does not leave the ebike.


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