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How to Choose the Best Elelctric Scooter

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There are a variety of scooter products on the market. How do you choose an escooter?

First, make sure that what you will use it for. How far can you ride? Do you need to take a bus or train? What terrain would you ride on? What’s your budget?

Motor power. This is the most important part. Electric scooters such as our model 10inch escooter with 48v 500w is suitable for torque and climbing with a maximum speed of 30 km/h, so they are well-deserved popular choices. 

Brake – You definitely want to brake, preferably 2. You pull a lever and the wheel stops moving.

A nice stable platform . If you’re a little unstable, you can choose a wide, low deck. For lighter, more athletic riders, narrower scooters are available. As the size decreases, these are more portable and lightweight.

Price. If you choose the low price escooter, it may be for a short while, and you’ll get mediocre performance, fast fading batteries, and disappointing construction quality. Light e-sooter with good quality and moderate price is your best choice.

Weight. This is your portability factor. Batteries are heavy, and higher-power scooters have larger batteries. Some close to 30 kg and the light one just about 15kg. So think about whether you put it into a car boot or on the bus, and then choose accordingly.


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