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How to maximize the battery life of your electric bicycle

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When you start thinking about buying an electric bike, one of the first things that comes to mind is battery range anxiety. You may have heard a variety of opinions about whether an electric bicycle battery can really provide the cruising range claimed by the manufacturer. So, we have a list of how to help you maximize the battery life of your electric bike.electric bike battery

  • Fully charged battery
    Make sure your battery is fully charged each time you ride. This ensures that you have a good battery life. It also improves the overall efficiency of the battery and reduces your anxiety about the battery.
  • Check tire pressure
    Before each ride, check the tire pressure and make sure that your electric bike tires are best inflated, depending on the tire’s capacity. Check with your electric bike manufacturer to see what the best air pressure is. If the tire pressure is correct, your battery will give you a longer distance.
  • Regularly repair your electronic bicycle
    Regular maintenance of your electronic bicycle is a good habit that requires repeated infusion. Repairs are responsible for all fine-tuning and component alignment to provide a comfortable ride and a long battery range. When you get your e-bike service, if there is a glitch that you didn’t notice, your mechanic may find it and help you solve it.
  • Brake pad
    The important thing is that you can’t ride the brake pads worn by your motorcycle. Change the brake pads from time to time to maximize battery life. Consult your electric bike manufacturer to determine how often you should replace the brake pads.
  • Wheel rotation
    When you are riding a bike, check that the wheels of your electric bike are spinning freely. If you feel that the wheel is clogged, turn your electric bike to the local bike mechanic to solve the problem. Free, easy wheel rotation gives you a healthy, long battery range.
  • Total weight of the electronic cycle
    The lower the total weight of the electric bicycle, the more effective the function of the battery. Although most electric bicycles can easily carry a weight of 100 kilograms, if the weight of 100 kilograms is distributed between two people, it is not applicable.
  • Driving at medium speed
    Like all vehicles, even electric bikes give you the maximum distance you travel when you drive at moderate speeds. Ride your electric bike at a medium level pedal assist, with a little throttling to maximize the range of batteries.
  • Support motor with pedal
    It is recommended to step on the motorcycle for a few seconds before starting the motor. When the motor is started after cycling power, it draws less energy from the battery, maximizing the battery’s range of use.
  • Lubricating chain
    In general, the better the mechanical parts of your bike, the better your bike will run. Be careful that your motorcycle chain is lubricated enough to ensure smooth running. When your bike can easily slide across the street, it consumes less battery power.
  • Avoid sudden braking
    When you suddenly brake, you start an emergency power outage. Although this feature is very important to ensure road safety, we strongly recommend that you avoid sudden braking under normal conditions, in which case a slight brake is sufficient. This will maximize the battery life of your electric bike.


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