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How to pick an electric bike for kids

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Kids love bikes. There is no doubt that it constitutes the backbone of manykids memories and many parents are looking forward to the moment they give their kids the first electric bike as a present . But if you don’t know how to pick the right electric bike, buying a kids’ electric bike can be difficult. You will consider whether they can rotate the pedals comfortably and their legs won’t touch anything, and they want to reach the handlebars with the best bend in their arms so that they feel so comfortable that they won’t be anywhere feel any pressure.


The size of a kids‘ electric bikes depend on the size of the wheel, not the size of the frame like an adult electric bike. Size is the most important consideration when choosing an e-bike for kids. The right size e-bike will help your kids be safe, comfortable and get the most out of his e-bike.

Another important point is the weight of the frame. The lightweight frame allows the child to be in a stable, comfortable riding position, easier to pedal and more enjoyable to ride, which means it will be much more easy for children to ride ! Alloy frames electric bikes are usually more expensive than bikes with steel frames. The advantage of the alloy is that it is lighter and  easier for kids to ride . What’s more , it is not easy to be rusty.

All of our company’s kids‘ electric bikes are professionally assembled by trained bike technicians based on a rigorous safety checklist . This ensures a safer , and less frustrating experience than self-assembling electric bikes.


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