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How to Protect the Safety of Your Electric Bike

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At present , riding an electric mountain bike outside is as a source of great pleasure . Many people just love riding their electric assist bicycle. But when you have to think about something, when you are searching for a solution, when you want to relax and looking for freedom, riding an electric assist bicycle is the best way. This electric assist bicycle offers so many advantages over other means of transportation. It is truly a magical man-made vehicle.However, a problem comes up with our mind : how can we protect our e-bike being stolen ? Therefore it’s important  for us to find a good compromise between security and effectiveness.Here are some advice we can provide to you :

  • At home: Even if you put it in your own garage or basement, you should lock your electric bike.
  • Beer gardens and bars: Try to find a place where you can easily follow your electric bike .
  • In town: Be sure to keep your bike in a busy place, not in a quiet or dark alley.
  • At work: If you are commuting to work on your bike, you can ask the building management about where you can safely store and even help you charge them. Many workplaces have provided secure bicycle storage solutions and even charging stations. We still recommend that you lock your bike even if it is safe to store.
  • Another useful tip: remove the battery or LCD monitor – or put your bike in the bedroom is also a good choice.

I hope those solutions can be heloful for you and have a good time with your lovely bike .


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