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How to Protect Your Battery in Extreme Weather

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Battery is the important part of an electric bike.So we should do something simple to help improve the performance and cycle life of lithium batteries that power electric bikes,specially in extreme weather.

battery for ebike

Don’t make your lithium batteries too hot

It is important to avoid storing lithium batteries in direct sunlight or very hot places, such as the interior of a car. This rule applies to all lithium batteries, whether they are on your computer or on an electric bike. In short, heat can damage batteries. 

Likewise, extreme cold is not suitable for your lithium battery, but it is not as problematic as extreme high temperature. Lithium batteries on electric bicycles are designed for refrigeration. However, in order to prolong the cycle life of lithium batteries, it is better not to let electric bike batteries stay cold for a long time. For example, it’s good to take your e-bike into town and lock it out for a few hours in cold weather before riding home. However, instead of putting it overnight, it’s better to store the bike in the car (such as a garage or the basement), or at least take out the battery and store it in the car. The ideal temperature for storing batteries is higher than 10 °C and lower than 20° C. Keep in mind that it is important to ensure that the temperature of the battery is above freezing point before charging, otherwise the battery may be damaged.


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