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How to use the battery reasonably

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When the batteries are used in series, if the internal resistance of the batteries is inconsistent, the battery terminal voltage during charging and discharging will be inconsistent, which will eventually cause the entire battery to be undercharged and prematurely disabled. Therefore, in an electric bicycle, the uniformity of the battery pack has a considerable influence on the service life of the battery. For consumers, how to use it properly will also have a certain impact on the balance of the battery, thus affecting the battery life. According to the research and practical use of the battery for many years, it is recommended that consumers use the following methods to use the battery reasonably.

(1) Driving speed of electric vehicles: 20-25km / h. 

(2) Cycling distance: 10-30km / day, emissions less than or equal to 70% (deep emissions every 2 months). 

(3) Charging frequency: once a day. 

(4) Transportation: One person (can carry a child under 10 years old).

According to the above method, a good quality electric bicycle can be used normally for 3-4 years, or even 5 years, and the battery can be used for about one and a half years. The shallower the battery discharge depth, the longer the battery’s cycle life and the longer the battery life cycle. Therefore, consumers generally believe that the idea of charging a battery for one cycle is wrong. To extend the battery life of your battery, you must always fully charge the battery. In the case of long-term exhaustion, the negative plate of the battery is very salty, resulting in loss of battery capacity and affecting the service life of the battery.


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