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Jeep Takes To Two Wheels with All-New Electric Bike

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Jeep Takes To Two Wheels with All-New Electric Bike

Jeep is going places they have never been before with their new e-bike. This two-wheeled Jeep takes you over terrains, and smaller places you would never imagine your Wrangler going. To bring this ride to market, Jeep worked with QuietKat electric bikes to give this e-bike a 750w BAFANG M620 electric motor.

This particular motor provides 160nm of torque that is three times more powerful than commuter bikes on average. If you wish to go far on your new Jeep E-Bike, a 1.5 kWh battery carries you up to 40 miles and has the power, and 4.8-inch fat tires to jet you across any terrain you attempt.

Jeep also equipped their new e-bike with a RockShox suspension to make the rough terrain go a little smoother, along with 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and 10-speed transmission. These features allow the Jeep E-Bike to tackle sand, snow, rocky terrains, and hard packed trails.

If you are ready to know the feeling of Jeep on two wheels, their new e-bike is here to help you get the style, and road know how of Jeep. Coming in a medium 17-inch and large 19-inch bikes, Jeep has you covered. See the new Jeep E-Bike in the following video and buy one starting at $5899 at QuietKat.


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