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Maintenance Tips for Electric Bike

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It is important to pay attention to both mechanical and electrical elements when youre doing e bike maintenance. 

Here are some maintenance tips for electric bikes that you can do:

Regular cleaning
Do not use pressurized hose or water flow when cleaning electric bicycles. This can damage the integrity of the meals around the electrical equipment and cause it to wear out, eventually leading to exposed and wet electrical system failure. Instead, Instead, use a low-pressure water stream or a wet rag to dry it once you are washing the bike.You’d better have your e-bike washed once or twice per week.

In order to keep all the mechanical devices in working condition, you can lubricate the main moving parts (such as chains). Use a special cleaning fluid to clean the chain before using the bicycle lubricant.

Battery care
The most important electrical appliance on bicycles is batteries. Read the instructions on how to properly charge it before you try to charge. Improper charging can eventually damage the battery and wear it faster. 

Tire pressure
The side wall of the bicycle tire should tell you how much pressure the bicycle is properly used. You can check the current pressure of the tire with a simple pressure gauge. If it is too low, or if the tire will sink heavily when you put your finger into the tire, you should pump your bike and fully expand according to the pressure indicated on the tire.

Brake pads
Take good care of the brake pads on your bike every few weeks to see how they are lifted. You must have effective brake, or you may end up with a serious accident. The brake pads can be replaced easily and inexpensively when necessary.


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