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More Tips about Buying an Electric Bike

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There are many factors to consider when buying an electric bike, and the price is definitely the first factor. If you want to have a good configuration, the price will also increase together. Now, what else should we consider besides price?
1. High Ah vs low Ah
Think of Ah as a storage tank for electricity. The higher the Ah, the more room the battery has to store power. And vice versa, the lower Ah is, the smaller the space is. A high Ah battery can last a long time before you need to charge it, while a low Ah battery can last a long time.
For example, if you use your bike occasionally and buy groceries a few times a week, 8 to 9Ah batteries will suffice. If you plan to use it for work or daily use, we suggest using batteries of 12 to 16Ah.
2.Big wheels or small wheels
Smaller wheeled bikes have lower gravity; They are more stable and therefore better suited to more frictionless terrain. Often, smaller wheels mean you have to sell more to cover the same distance as larger wheels. As the height between the blade and the handlebar increases, larger wheels are more suitable for taller people. We still suggest you buy according to the actual situation and demand.
3.For higher people
Since girls are usually small, buying an e-bike can be difficult for a small person. Therefore, if you are very tall, we suggest buying a bigger electric bike, which will be more comfortable. Adjusting seat height also always helps.


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