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PedalPorteur Is the Modular Rack That Turns Any Bike Into a Cargo One

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PedalPorteur Is the Modular Rack That Turns Any Bike Into a Cargo One

In an age in which personal contact is frowned upon over health risks, public transport, ride-sharing and private taxi services are taking a huge hit. In return, people are turning to their bikes as suitable transport alternatives, whether for the daily work or school commute, the kids drop-off, or grocery shopping.

The boom in interest over bikes has carried over cargo bikes. More people, whether eco-conscious or reluctant to share a car with a stranger, are buying them. With PedalPorteur, they may never need to spend more money on a chunkier, heavier bike.

PedalPorteur, currently crowdfunding on KickStarter, aims to solve all problems riders who haul stuff on their bikes have had. It’s a modular, highly functional and adaptable rear bike rack that goes with every bike model and make, and is there to meet any rider’s everyday needs, whatever they might be. 

Designed by Los Angeles-based engineer Gordon MacMorran in 2017, this bike rack is sustainable, too. It’s made from aluminum and bamboo, so it’s durable and light at the same time, while recyclable. The tubular aluminum frame allows extensions both in length and in width, with the possibility to attach other add-ons such as rails and a bag. These rails and the bag are also adjustable.

Imagine a Swiss army knife in the form of a bike rack, and you get an idea of how the PedalPorteur works. The video available at the bottom of the page better explains it, if the comparison doesn’t hit home.

MacMorran came up with the idea as he was trying to find something that would allow his kids much-needed freedom: he wanted something that would allow them to carry their music instruments, sports gear and even all the equipment needed for a day at the beach.

The final version of the PedalPorteur, which will go into production if funding is secured, is 16.25 inches (41 cm) long but can extend to 28 inches (71 cm), 11 inches (28 cm) wide and can extend to 21 inches (53.3 cm). In addition to the side arms, the rack can be fitted with rails, whose height is also adjustable. When these extensions are not in use, they can be folded under or down, or in the case of the side arms and rails, removed altogether for easy storage.

The rack can be used with anything from a laundry basket or an ice box for easy hauling of whatever needs hauling. If you’re looking to go full custom, though, you can opt for the Bagsket, also designed by MacMorran. The Bagsket, like the rack it sits one, is extendable and adjustable: you can fold it like an accordion, or stretch it out and use an inner frame in locked position to get a sturdier carrying back for your fresh produce. According to the designer, this can hold the entire contents of your supermarket shopping cart.

“PedalPorteur is a compact, adjustable cargo system designed to mount onto any standard bike or electric bike, turning them into a human-powered pickup truck. Built with a wider platform and telescoping connection points, the rack fits the objects being carried rather than requiring complex strapping,” the description reads.

“Using a patented telescoping design the rack platform can adjust in width and length without compromising the strength when compared to other bicycle racks,” the text adds. “Significant physical and numerical testing has been applied over the past few years to ensure the optimal strength to weight ratio for the design.”

If you’re sold onto the PedalPorteur, pledges start at $132 for the basic version, without extendable arms, rails or the Bagsket. Worldwide deliveries will start in March 2021, assuming the funding goal is reached in time and it goes into production.


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