electric bike battery (2)

36V 48V lithium battery for electric bicycle

lithium battery
can provide with 36V9AH/10AH, 48V10AH
many battery styles for choice

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36V 48V lithium battery for electric bicycle

  • The battery is the essential part of e-bike, of course we pay great attention to battery, 18650 cell we used is the most high quality so far, more powerful, large capacity when riding.
  • Actually we start producing electric bike lithium batteries, BMS and controllers since 2006, it’s been 12 years experience, with strictly control the raw material testing, and prevent cells overcharge and over discharge, as well as capacity detection.
  • The battery box is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately in your room.

Specification sheet

lithium battery

Battery photos

electric bike battery (1).jpg  electric bike battery (2).jpg

electric bike (6).jpg


Model 1: Bottle style lithium battery

Can provide with 36V9AH/10AH, 48V10AH

Size: 90*205mm, 90*275mm





Hailong No.1 battery (1)  Hailong No.1 battery (2)



Model 2: dragon style battery

36V9AH/10AH, 36V12AH, 48V10AH

Size: 370*100*90mm





rear rack battery (2)    rear rack battery (3)

electric tricycle 250w (2)


Model 3: Rear rack battery

Match with rear rack

36V10AH, 36V16AH, 48V10AH, 48V15AH

size: 260*140*44mm, 300*150*80mm, 330*150*80mm



ebike battery.jpg  6.jpg

electric bicycle en15194


Model 4:Silver fish battery style

Need to match with the bike frame

Can provide with 36V9AH/10AH, 48V10AH, 48V12AH

Size: 75*110*285mm



.jpg  3.jpg

folding ebike


Model 5: Bag lithium battery

36V10AH, 48V10AH

can customized by customer requirement.


e-bike-battery-3.jpg hidden battery

electric mountain bike 2


Model 6: Hidden lithium battery

Can provide with 36V9AH/10AH, range 60-100KM per charge

Match with customized ebike frame, which is designed and produced by our own factory. Very special. Most people won’t recognize it is an electric bike at their first sight.

Company Profile

Shuangye electric bike factory has more than 12 years experience produce and sale in electric bikes and ebike conversion kit. The focus of our research and development team was to design the most dependable, efficient, and comfortable electric bikes available.
electric bike factory


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