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Best Ebikes for sale-aluminum alloy folding frame

Best Ebikes with aluminum alloy folding frame
Certification: CE EN15194
36v 350w brushless motor
36V 10AH hidden battery
Shimano variable speed system
We are the original factory.
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Best Ebikes for sale with aluminum alloy folding frame

Best Ebikes

We’ve carefully designed each Ebike to ensure that it has the best technology and components for its purpose. Whether you need a high torque Electro-Drive system to tackle steep hills, the smooth speed of the Shimano drive system to fly through city streets, or a comfortable electric bike to give your weekend rides a fun boost, Best Ebikes are extremely convenient and interesting new type of transportation, in this global call for energy-saving emission reduction era, Best Ebikes will be our best partner. 

Best Ebikes G4 main parts:

1. 36V 250W brushless motor, super power,we can presumably run on the road,

enjoy the enjoyment of Top Electric Bike brought us the fun and excitement 21 speed Shimano transmission, we can freely switch speed.

2. 1 W led headlight hight brightness wide application rang, 
Take us to where we want to go, all the way to guide us.

Best Ebikes Best Ebikes

3. Forn brake and hub exquisite brake powerful and strong feeling.
Efficient control of the speed, whether climbing or downhill,
just pull the brake gently pull, you can immediately stop.
From the maximum speed of rapid control, effort to ensure that our travel safety .
4. Hidden battery & Foldable buckle

Best Ebikes Best Ebikes

5. Best Ebikes are equipped with high comfort saddles to give you a better experience. 

Off-road tires, easily scrolling on topography and helping you to keep your speed easily.
6. Five gear adjustable 1: 1 power: start the current is small, start a strong, double protection, 

Speed can be based on actual needs, flexible switching, smooth speed, riding effort, efficient power. 

7. Cruise: This function can be run at any speed, 8 seconds unchanged, automatically enter the cruise state, 

the Best Ebikes will run in the current state. If you want to cancel, once again twist or brake to cancel the cruise state, simple, 

convenient and practical. Convenient travel, energy conservation, select the Best Ebikes as your travel tool will be your best choice.

About Best Ebikes G4 packing:

Best Ebikes

Best Ebikes G4 Specifications:

Best Ebikes

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This price is base on one pcs not include the shipping cost, if you need more quantity, pls contact us.

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions148 x 75 x 25 cm