bosch electric bike kit 48V 500W motor

bosch electric bike kit
48v controller with controller box
48v 10AH lithium battery
Aluminum alloy brake,LCD Display
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bosch electric bike kit 48V 500W motor

Why do you think people are switching to commuting with an e-bike?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a conventional manually-pedaled bicycle, as they’re fun, inexpensive, simple to work on and maintain, 
and about as low-carbon of a transportation option as you can get. But an electric bicycle offers some advantages over a standard bicycle, including 
speed and convenience, and require significantly less effort to get from one place to another. Electric bicycles can be a clean and green method of
transportation, and building your own ebike is not only possible, but is also affordable.

bosch electric bike kit

26 inch 48V Electric bike conversion kit list:

1. 26 inch rear wheel with 48v 500w motor
2. 48v controller with controller box
3. 48v 10AH lithium battery
4. Aluminum alloy brake
5. 1:1 pedal assistant  
6. Twist Intelligent Speed Control
7. LCD Display
8. AC100V-240V,54.6V 2A

Top of the line 500 watt bosch electric bike kit with a focus on acceleration and low end torque for climbing. Unique center – spoked design for improved
comfort and wheel durability, narrow casing accommodates a larger cassette for wide range of pedaling gears.Larger visual footprint with wide diameter,
experiences some cogging due to direct-driv e setup, increased unsprung weight.

Whether you’re a bike guru or a new convert to electric bikes, our knowledgeable dealers will be able to offer you expert advise and service to retrofit 
your bike with our bosch electric bike kit. We always take customer service seriously and want you to be 100% happy with your shopping experience 
here. If you have any queries please contact our team by email first before leaving any negative feedbacks we will email back to you within 24 hours!

About the package of bosch electric bike kit

bosch electric bike kit

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This price is not include shipping cost base on one pcs.If you need more,pls contact us.

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