hotebike a5ah26 black

e bike with 36V 10AH hidden battery A5AH26

e bike A5AH26
36v 250w brushless motor
36V 10AH hidden battery
26″ aluminum alloly frame
We are the original factory.
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e bike with 36V 10AH hidden battery A5AH26

e bike 

Road, Town & Trekking Top Ten e bikes are suitable for a mixture of uses. Be it commuting, riding on the roads or every day leisure riding. They come in many variants, shapes and sizes, depending on the type of riding you wish to do. Seen as a good, practical option for many riders for exploring the great outdoors. With an Top Ten e bike suddenly you can take rides and bike trips that seemed daunting; or work commutes that you feared would make you sweaty are suddenly manageable. It also gives a psychological boost – it increases when you might ride and how often and opens up a world of biking to those who thought it too much work.  Maybe you find that a faster ride makes you feel safer on the road.As I said, perfect for aging boomers who want the illusion of youth without the work.Maybe you want something that shortens your commute to work. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a hot selling electric city that’s perfect for you. Read on to learn more about some of our Top Ten Electric Bike models. 

Top 10 E Bikes A5AH26 detail pictures:

Top Ten e Bike maximum speed can reach 25km/h to 30km/h. It has three colors of white, dark blue and yellow.

 This Top Ten e Bike is a combination of a city e bike and a mountain e bike.

Picture1: Grip and brake. The grip design is easy to master, the brakes are fast and stable,

 giving you a safe and comfortable ride experience.  

e bike

Picture2: LCD display LCD display looks beautiful, we can see your Top Ten e bikes power consumption, mileage, the current speed. 

Picture1: This design of hide the battery break the traditional, you can dust and rain.The battery is hidden 

in the center of the entire frame,the vehicle load distribution. Maintain the advantages of low center of gravity design, 

so riding very smoothly.    

Picture2:Top Ten E Bike is equipped with a 250 w brushless motor. Disc brakes can make it more stable when the brake. 

250W brushless motor for you to better drive on the road to provide power. Imagine,this brushless motor makes your travel and commute simple and convenient.

Package of Top 10 E Bikes A5AH26:


Our  the Top Ten E Bikes are packed in cartons, the packaging is very careful and beautiful, our packaging is also very strong.

Our company is very concerned aboutthe packaging of this link, we will complete the goods to the customer’s hands. 

Let us act together and open our attendance journey.   

  Top 10 E Bikes specification:

e bike 

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This price is base on one pcs not include the shipping cost, if you need more quantity, pls contact us.

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions135 x 75 x 27 cm