Electric Powered Bicycle (3)

Electric Assisted Bicycle 24 inch For Europe

Electric Assisted Bicycle 24 inch
Commuter electric city bike
1:1 PAS mode,40-50KM
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Electric Assisted Bicycle 24 inch A5 With Hidden Battery

Electric Assisted Bicycle meet the global energy-saving plan, low-carbon travel, green, is the new preferred travel mode of travel. It does not like the traditional bike, people feel tired, his pure electric and help the combination of effort to design, riding more easily and easily. And it is 30% less than the cost of using fuel vehicles. So the Electric Assisted Bicycle 26″ A5 With Hidden Battery is your best choice.

Electric Assisted Bicycle 24″ A5 with hidden battery main point:

1.Rear shelves and the pedals can easily manned.

2.Hidden battery can prevent rain and dust. Hidden batteries can keep your batteries from being hit by wind and rain.

Electric Assisted BicycleElectric Assisted Bicycle

3.1W LED headlights highlight energy saving. 1W LED lights enough to illuminate the night you are still on the road until you are safe to reach home.

4.Rear drum brake assembly with lock. You’ll open it when you need it.

Electric Assisted Bicycle Electric Assisted Bicycle

Electric Assisted Bicycle packing:

Our  the best electric bike are packed in cartons, the packaging is very careful and beautiful, our packaging is also very strong. 

Our company is very concerned about the packaging of this link, we will complete the goods to the customer’s hands.

Let us act together and open our attendance journey.

Electric Assisted Bicycle Specifications

Electric Assisted Bicycle

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions135 x 75 x 27 cm