Lithium Battery For Electric Bike (3)

Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery 48V 20AH

Electric bicycle lithium battery
waterproof and dust proof
powerful voltage and current
strong over-discharge resistance
We are the original factory.
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Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery 48V 20AH

Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

Why would you choose Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery?
Rear Lithium Batteries have powerful voltage and current that can help you travel long distances.
Electric bicycle lithium battery with high energy density, the volume of energy density and mass energy density of up to 450W.h / dm3 and 150W.h / kg, but also continue to improve.
The average output voltage is high (about 3.6V), Ni-Cd, Ni-MH battery 3 times from the electric bicycle lithium battery.
Wide operating temperature range, -30 ~ +45 ℃, with the electrolyte and positive electrode improvement, hoping to expand to -40 ~ +70 ℃, low temperature may expand to -60 ℃.

Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

Advantage of Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery:
1.Light weight,long life,large capacity and good resistance.
2.Good consistancy,low self-discharge.
3.Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention
4.Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage
5.Pollution-free,International Approvals
6.Factory price,high quality.
7.Prompt Delivery
8.Quality Approvals

Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

Our company Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery Note:
1. Hotebike Lithium Battery door used in the power port should not touch, but can not contact with the metal at the same time, otherwise it will produce a large short-circuit current caused by the accident.
2. Electric bicycle lithium battery shortage will affect the continued mileage. Long-term loss of power will damage the battery life, after riding the time should be fully charged storage. If the battery is not used for a long time, please charge the battery to semi-saturated state 38V-39V or so, and remove the key, it is best to add once every 1-2 months.
3. Electric bicycle lithium battery does not cause environmental pollution, but for the sake of safety, do not discard the used batteries at will, if you need to replace the battery, please use the battery to the authorized agent or designated location.

Specifications of Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery :

Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

The package of Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

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