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Electric Bike Conversion Kit 1000W Brushless Motor

Electric Bike Conversion Kit 1000W Brushless Motor
26″ rear wheel with silver 1000w motor
48V 20AH lithium battery
1:1 pedal PAS assistant
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Electric Bike Conversion Kit 1000W Brushless Motor

Electric BikeThe Environmentally Friendly, Environmentally Sustainable Transportation Choice

Do you want to save the environment? Everybody’s pretty conscious of the challenges facing us environmentally these days. It doesn’t even matter how you look at the big issues people always seem to be discussing. We can all agree that our resources are finite, that pollution is bad, and that if we can find a better way to do things, it would be silly and wasteful not to avail ourselves of that new method. Well, when you buy a electric bike or transform your bike into an e-bike by the Electric Bike Conversion Kit, you’re taking the first step toward a more environmentally friendly future.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Benefits

  • Save 200-800% by Converting Your Bike to E-Bike
  • No Need to Purchase an New E-Bike
  • Commute to Work Dry and Fresh
  • Ride Year-Round Without Sweating or Freezing
  • Shorter Commuting Time 
  • Increase the Life of Your Bike
  • People Don’t Know Your Bike is an E-Bike
  • Pedal Easily With or Without Electric Power
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Happier Commute
  • Increased Pedaling Efficiency
  • Increased Happiness
  • Improved Health
Electric Bike Conversion Kit

What’s in This Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

1. 26″ rear wheel with silver 48v 1000w motor
2. Front or Rear Silver Motor Available
3. Complete Hand-Built Wheel Set
4. 36v controller with controller box 
5. Aluminum alloy brake 
6. 1:1 pedal assistant 
7. 48V 20AH lithium battery 
8. LCD Display 

9Lithium Battery Charger AC100V-240V,42V 2A

Top of the line 1000 watt Electric Bike Conversion Kit with a focus on acceleration and low end torque for climbing. Unique center-spoked design for improved comfort and wheel durability, narrow casing accommodates a larger cassette for wide range of pedaling gears.Larger visual footprint with wide diameter, experiences some cogging due to direct-driv e setup, increased unsprung weight.

Packaging Details: thick cardboard boxes,Pearl Jin,Waterproof membrane
Delivery Detail:
10days,Expedite the processing of sample only 5days

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Whether you’re a bike guru or a new convert to Electric Bike Conversion Kit, our knowledgeable dealers will be able to offer you expert advise and service to retrofit your bike with our Kit.
We always take customer service seriously and want you to be 100% happy with your shopping experience here.
If you have any queries please contact our team by email first before leaving any negative feedbacks we will email back to you within
24 hours!

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This price is not include shipping cost base on one pcs.If you need more,pls contact us.

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