electric dirt bike 26 inch hidden battery

electric dirt bike
36v 250w brushless motor
36V 10AH hidden battery
26″ aluminum alloly frame
We are the original factory.
This price is base on one pcs
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Electric dirt bike with 26 inch hidden battery

electric dirt bike 

The modern, Electric Dirt Bike will appeal to all users who desire to travel independently, without contributing to air pollution. The electric dirt bike
has a 250-watt motor so that you can easily negotiate hills and curves, or you can use the pedals to burna few extra calories on the straightaway.
Features of the electric dirt bike include an aluminum frame, a 21-gear shifting mechanism that’s easy to operate, and brakes on both front and
rear wheels that make stopping safe for varying speeds and road conditions. Electric dirt bike has a 250-watt motor that is powered by a Lithium
Polymer battery. A charge of 4-6 hours will allow you to travel a considerable distance, depending on terrain and weather conditions. The bike sports 
a sturdy rack behind the saddle seat so you may secure any items you need to carry along. 
Operating the bike is easily accomplished for nearly any age, from young people to the more mature individual. It is an excellent alternative for
commuting and/or shopping and errands. The electric dirt bike doesn’t add to air or noise pollution. The battery can be recharged for several 
hundred hours before it needs to be replaced.

Electric dirt bike A5AH26 detail pictures:

Electric dirt bike maximum speed can reach 25km/h to 30km/h. It has three colors of white, dark blue and yellow.
This electric dirt bike is a combination of a city ebike and a mountain ebike.

Picture1:  Grip and brake. 

The grip design is easy to master, the brakes are fast and stable, giving you a safe and comfortable ride experience.  

electric dirt bike electric dirt bike

Picture2:  LCD display 

LCD display looks beautiful, we can see your electric dirt bike power consumption, remaining battery time, electrical power, temperature, 
speed riding, mileage, and the current speed. 

Picture1:  Hidden battery

This design of hide the battery break the traditional, you can dust and rain.The battery is hidden in the center of the entire frame,the vehicle 
load distribution. Maintain the advantages of low center of gravity design, so riding very smoothly. 

electric dirt bike electric dirt bike

Picture2:  Electric dirt bike

It is equipped with a 250 w brushless motor. Disc brakes can make it more stable when the brake. 
250W brushless motor for you to better drive on the road to provide power. 
Imagine,this brushless motor makes your travel and commute simple and convenient.

Package of electric dirt bike A5AH26:


Our electric bicycle is packed in cartons, the packaging is very detailed and beautiful, our packaging technology is also very strong.
Our company is very concerned about the electric bicycle packaging, the goods will be handed over to the hands of customers.
Let’s work together to open our electric bike tour.

Electric dirt bike specification:

electric dirt bike 

This price is base on one pcs not include the shipping cost, if you need more quantity, pls contact us.

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions136 x 29 x 86 cm