electric mountain folding bike 36v hidden battery (10)

Electric Mountain Folding Bike To Europe

Electric Mountain Folding Bike
Pure electric power bike,no thumb turn
26 inch folding frame
36V 250W brushless motor
36v 10ah hidden battery
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Electric Mountain Folding Bike 36v Hidden Battery

electric mountain folding bike

With an Electric Mountain Folding Bike that gives you assistance up to 25kph, it’s possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time. Those five great trails that you normally ride after work can now be ridden twice. That boring singletrack climb on your lunchtime loop suddenly becomes the highlight of your day. With the extra push from the motor it’s easy to double the distance covered, or do the same ride in half the time.
We DeLiSheng is a company specializing in the production of electric bicycles-Electric Mountain Folding Bike,
We carefully designed each bike, from its production to the completion of the vehicle,
every process we are strictly supervised, good quality has always been the essence of our pursuit.

Electric Mountain Folding Bike G4 main parts:

electric mountain folding bike electric mountain folding bike

1. 36V 250W brushless motor, super power,we can presumably run on the road,enjoy the enjoyment of Electric Mountain Folding Bike brought us the fun and excitement 21 speed Shimano transmission, we can freely switch speed.
2. 1 W led headlight hight brightness wide application rang, 
Take us to where we want to go, all the way to guide us.

electric mountain folding bike

electric mountain folding bike

3. Forn brake and hub exquisite brake powerful and strong feeling.

Efficient control of the speed, whether climbing or downhill,
just pull the brake gently pull, you can immediately stop.
From the maximum speed of rapid control, effort to ensure that our travel safety .
4. Hidden battery & Foldable buckle
Many people will have such a trouble, the Electric Mountain Folding Bike is too long to occupy the place, out of the door to bring it really difficult, and we this Electric Mountain Folding Bike, just to solve this difficulty, stainless steel folding buckle, waterproof sunscreen rust, Easy to use, so that we can easily and easily with it travel. We also designed to hide car battery,
36v 10AH lithium battery, hidden in the car tube, regardless of sunny rainy days will not stop the pace of our trip. Charging time is short, long life up to 50KM.

About Electric Mountain Folding Bike G4 packing:
Electric Mountain Folding Bike
electric mountain folding bike

Electric Mountain Folding Bike G4 Specifications

electric mountain folding bike

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