Electric Powered Bicycle (3)

Electric Powered Bicycle 24 inch For Russia

Electric Powered Bicycle 24″ A5 With Hidden Battery
24 inch city ebike
Hidden Battery Dustproof Rainproof
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  Electric Powered Bicycle 24 inch A5 With Hidden Battery

Why choose Electric Powered Bicycle?

Electric Powered Bicycle meet the global energy-saving plan, low-carbon travel, green, is the new preferred travel mode of travel. It does not like the traditional bike, people feel tired, his pure electric and help the combination of effort to design, riding more easily and easily. And it is 30% less than the cost of using fuel vehicles. So theElectric Powered Bicycle 26″ A5 With Hidden Battery is your best choice.

Electric Powered Bicycle 24″ A5 with hidden battery main point:

1.Luggage carrier Load

2.Hidden Battery Dustproof Rainproof

3.1W LED Headlights Highlight

4.Expand the brakes with locks

Electric Powered Bicycle , rear wheel with 36v 250w motor,hidden battery in aluminum alloy frame.
Luggage carrier Load has an ebike back frame that can help you carry some items so you can easily travel on the streets or hills.

Electric Powered Bicycle Specifications

fastest electric bike

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions135 x 75 x 27 cm