electric mountain bike folding bike

Folding Electric Bikes Hidden Battery For Russia

Mountain Bike ElecFolding Electric Bikes 26inch
26 inch folding frame
3.5 inch LCD display
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Folding Electric Bikes 26inch Hidden Battery

folding electric bikes 26inch hidden battery (10z)

Folding Electric Bikes has an interesting, fast and efficient electric bike. It is a Folding Electric Bikes, with 36V 350W brushless motor, smart brush. We carefully designed each bike to ensure that it has the best technology and the purpose of the components. Whether you need a high torque electric drive system to handle steep hills, the Shimano drive system runs smoothly on the streets of the city, or comfortable electric bikes, allowing you to take interesting activities on weekends. Magnesium aluminum round gives you high quality to enjoy. Our Folding Electric Bikes are equipped with stealth batteries, regardless of sunny days, you can travel every day.
We are committed to investing in this era of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of Folding Electric Bikes, not only love the environment, green travel, but also can help us exercise. Riding fun is fascinating, it is free, it is to enjoy, is our dialogue with the soul.
If you also like our Folding Electric Bikes, if you desire, we look forward to seeing you also become a member of the bike enthusiasts.

Folding Electric Bikes main parts:
1.Folding Frame: 26″ folding aluminum fram and hidden battery
2.Plate: Aluminum 3T gear tooth plate





3.Wheel: aluminum frame magnesium alloy rim
4.Middle Shork:to provide you with a comfortable riding environment
5.shimano 21 speed derailleur
6.36V 350W brushless motor, super power
7.LCD LCD screen, high-definition display, free adjustment.LCD display show more details about your riding
8.160 disc brake,Before and after the two-disc brakes, greatly improve the safety factor, 

manufacturing to provide customers with a safe and pleasant experience of Folding Electric bike is our aim has always been.

About Folding Electric Bikes packing:
magnesium alloy integrated wheel folding electric battery powered bike with EN15194 

the best electric bike

Folding Electric Bikes G4M Specifications

folding electric bikes 26inch hidden battery

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