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HOTEBIKE Ebike Controller, 36V 350W Electric Bike Brushless Controller

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1.Full power off function
2.Anti-runaway function
3.Mos tube short circuit protection
4.Current limit function
5.Tree stage speed regulation
6.Undervoltage protection
7.Working Voltage: 36V
8.Rated Power: 350W
9.Suitable for: electric bike, scooter, etc.
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Ebike Controller, 36V 350W Electric Bike Controller Brushless DC Motor Mountain Bike Controller 1.Mountain bike e bike controller is designed for 36v 350w brushless motors. It can provide steady speed and sensitive control of braking and direction changes. Provides Mos tube short circuit protection. 2.With the speed switch to make the electric bike more convenient and secure to use. 1:1 pedal assist to make your journey more energy-saving. 3.The controller shell is made of premium aluminium alloy with groove design, which can protect the inner circuit and good for heat dissipation to avoid thermal overloading. 4.Ultra quiet start, with no noise, more powerful for going uphills. The wires and interfaces of the controller are easy to install and durable, ensures low malfunction of long time use. 5.Widely Used: The brushless speed controller is suitable for ebikes, electric bicycles, mountain bikes, scooters, etc.  

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