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The Best Electric Bike 20 inch For America

The Best Electric Bike
20 inch folding ebike
36V 250W brushuless motor
electric city bike
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The Best Electric Bike 20 inch 36V 250W Battery 

Green Power Electric Bike

The Best Electric Bike 20inch e bike A1-7 with aluminum alloy frame. The best electric bike has 36v 250w brushless motor.

Hidden lithium battery in frame, mini folding  the best electric bike limited top speed of 25kmh. If your custom speed can reach 30km/h. 

Removable batteryor lock to the frame to charge. Folding design take up less space and easy to store and move.

The Best Electric Bike 20inch detail part pictures:

Picture 1: the best electric bike has a 7 speed Shimano. We can according to your need to adjust the speed of the best electric bike.

When in the uneven road, we must adjust the bigger of the two speed let us through that way, when we walked on a flat road, 

we will adjust to the speed of small, let us at a constant speed can be smoothly through.  The best electric bike let us very save Labour.

Green Power Electric Bike Green Power Electric Bike

Picture 2 : the best electric bike is equipped with a 250 w brushless motor. Disc brakes can make it more stable when the brake. 

250W brushless motor for you to better drive on the road to provide power. Imagine, this brushless motor makes your travel and commute simple and convenient.

Picture 1:  Hide the battery dust and rain, many advantagesof it: Maintain the advantages of low center of gravity design, so riding very smoothly.

Designed due to the rational location of the battery layout, thus enhancing the cycling function. Are all types of electric bikes, ride the easiest and lightest design.

Green Power Electric Bike Green Power Electric Bike

Picture 2:  the best electric bike numerous advantages of a folding electric motorized bike 

  • It is very easy to fold.
  • Eco-friendly: they’re a pollution-free, easy and effective way to help reduce carbon footprint.
  • Economical: especially if you’re using your bike to commute.
  • A healthy choice: cycling keeps you moving and encourages you to stay in shape, instead of sitting stationery in car for the daily drive to and from work.
  • A great way to enjoy the outdoors: especially when you’re taking a break from city life, cycling is ideal way to experience the fresh air and natural surrounds 
  • and gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Package For The Best Electric Bike 20inch:

Our  the best electric bike are packed in cartons, the packaging is very careful and beautiful, our packaging is also very strong.

Our company is very concerned about the packaging of this link, we will complete the goods to the customer’s hands.

Let us act together and open our attendance journey.

Electric Pedal Bike A1-7 Specifications

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