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Some Knowledge about the Hub Motor

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Because of the wide variety of motors, many people are thinking about what kind of motor is suitable for my bicycle. Today I will introduce you to some knowledge about the hub motor.

One of the biggest advantages of hub motors is that they require little maintenance. They are a completely independent drive system that keeps all components in the motor housing without any trouble or maintenance.Closed systems also mean a much less likely failure. There are two types of hub motors: gear hub motors, which have internal planetary gears to reduce the speed of motors at higher speeds; And a gearless hub motor, which has no gear and connects the lower RPM motor stator shaft directly to the bicycle. A geared hub motor usually has only one drawback: gears. Over time, the teeth break and the reinforced nylon gear eventually falls off.

On the other hand, a gearless hub motor has no moving parts other than the bearings, so there is essentially no wear. As long as they don’t rust or wear out the bearings, they can last forever.Hub motors also help reduce other bike maintenance tasks compared to the mid-drive motors. Because they are not connected to the main pedal drive system, hub motors do not put any additional pressure on the chain or gearbox and do not cause any parts to wear out faster. If so, your chain may last longer than a non-electric bike because the hub motor will do more work, leaving your chain often idle.
As a separate drive system, hub motors also add redundancy. Since the hub motor and pedal drive systems are completely independent, you can lose one and still be on top of the other. Do you break the chain when you hit it on a hard road? Throw the chain into your bag and use the electricity to go home. Hub motor somehow failed? Step back. Either way, you have a backup. If you are far from home, this can be huge, especially for older riders or those who use e-bikes as a form of rehabilitation.Depending on the situation, the weight of the hub motor can positively and negatively affect the balance of the bike. 

In some cases, it may be good to move the motor’s weight forward or backward in one of the wheels. This is especially true for electric bikes with rear-mounted batteries. In this case, the front hub motor can redistribute the weight, so the center of gravity remains in the center of the bike.Finally, hub motors are much cheaper than medium-sized drives. Hub motors mass produce hundreds of thousands or even millions of bikes, depending on the factory. In some cases, the same design has been in use for more than a decade. That means the price is very cheap.

electric bike mud motor

Of course, hub motors aren’t perfect.Perhaps most importantly, almost all hub motors allow only one gear ratio. While this is generally appropriate for flat cruising, for mountain climbing, a gear with lower speed but higher torque will be preferred. The efficiency of using a single speed motor is not high when working in the RPM range with low load.
The hub motor is usually heavier than the intermediate driver, and the weight is unsprung on the suspension bike, which reduces the efficiency of the suspension and transfers more bumps to the rider.
Hub motors can be more limited to wheel components such as rims, tires, and clips. Since you are limited to the rim that comes with the hub motor, you may not be able to install your favorite tires, and the width of the hub motor usually excludes clips that go faster than 7.


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