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Some of the Most Common Misconceptions about Electric Bikes

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Electric bicycles are becoming more and more common in daily life, but at the same time more and more people have misunderstood it. Let us now discuss some of the most common misconceptions about electric bikes.

1.E-bikes are heavy!
This is only true. This is a very subjective opinion. The short version is for sure. The long version depends on it. You see, the motors and batteries do add some extra weight to the bike. It’s up to you whether that extra pound crosses the line between “manageable” and “heavy.” If you find the weight of a regular bike hard, yes, electric bikes can be heavy. The motors and other components weigh between 15 and 40 pounds, depending on the model.However, it’s worth remembering that the extra weight doesn’t affect how much you ride your bike. It’s obvious when you’re climbing, but even so, if the extra weight puts too much of a burden on the hill, you can just use the motor — you know, that makes the bike heavier in the first place. There may be some challenges when carrying a bike, but it’s not a big deal, and all the benefits of an electric motor make it worth it.

2.Folding bikes break easily!
You’d think they would, but no! Folding bikes are often claimed not to be very durable. At issue is the fact that the actual folded part of the bike, its hinges and joints are prone to rupture, thus damaging the bike. This is true. Literally, every type of tool, machine, device, etc. hinge and joint is a weakness.That said, bike makers aren’t stupid. They are aware of this and have taken measures to strengthen these problem points to prevent any possible problems that may or may arise. The result is a folding bike designed to reduce the weight of these hinges/joints and improve bike durability. As a result, folding bikes can actually last longer than some road bikes.The other thing is you get what you pay for it. If you buy a cheap folding bike, then you really can’t complain when it crashes – you buy a bike made with as few bikes as possible, instead of a bike as long as possible. Pro tip: if the cost of a folding bike is less than the cost of a dinner for two, you may want to reconsider.

3.Folding electric bikes are too expensive!
This is another category of “categories”. Let me explain. Folding the electric bike’s motor will increase the price. It’s inevitable. That said, folding e-bikes are still pretty cheap compared to mountain bikes [how to buy the best bike parts, for example]. As with all bikes, you must compare different bikes and study the pros and cons of each model to find the best bike.A good budget for a foldable electric bike (new) is between 450 and 1,000. I personally don’t spend much, because other than that, most of the things that raise prices are aesthetic. Anything below 450 pounds, I would start to wonder why the price is so low – remember, when it comes to foldable e-bikes, it’s better to pay a little extra and last five to 10 years than to get a cheap piece of junk that has been around for a year.

4.Electric bikes cost a lot of money!
This is another completely false question. What do critics say about price for beginners? That’s what I want to know. If you compare the cost of charging an electric bicycle to the price of gasoline, it’s a different world. It’s like comparing the price of a shoe box to the price of a house. It doesn’t cost much to charge an e-bike.Most of us drink more than 60 pounds of coffee a month, so it’s not a huge burden to charge an e-bike.So if you are interested in owning an electric folding bicycle or any type of electric bicycle, then you must study the matter in accordance with local laws.

5.You can’t ride on the road because they are illegal!
I’m not representing the world here, but in Canada and the US they are perfectly legal as long as certain requirements are met. In Britain, for example, riders must exceed 14, bicycles must weigh 88 pounds, and power output must not exceed 200 watts. There are limits to the speed at which a bicycle can travel.


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