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Some suggestions to help you matain your motor

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The motor is the core hardware of an electric bicycle. The normal operation of the electric bicycle is also closely related to it, so it is very important to maintain the motor. Here are Some suggestions we suggest to help your motor better serve you.

electric bike motor

1. Keep the controls clean. If the controller is dirty, it will be wiped or blown cleann. Depending on your environment, if your environment is dirty, you should blow dust every week. However, the normal environment requires only quarterly or semiannual cleaning.
2. Dustproof. Avoid leakage of current or possible short circuit by preventing dust on high voltage equipment. Dust may contain conductive materials that can cause serious problems.
3. Check all moving parts. These should be easy to operate without excessive friction. Check contacts and relays for any adhesion or adhesion. Also, check for loose pins, bolts or bearings.
4. Conduct resistance testing. In general, low resistance ohms are used for contact resistance testing. The appropriate contact resistance should be about 50 microohms. Log to find any trends in contact status.
5. Check overload relay Settings. Maintenance of these relays shall include checking rating or trip Settings. These shall be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and the higher current of the energy-saving motor.
6. Install the wiring normally according to the instructions. The circuit of the motor cannot be wrong, otherwise the whole motor will be paralyzed.


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