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The Growing Demand for Electric Bike

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The concept of electric bike has existed for nearly a century. People have been looking for a way to power bicycles through some kind of motor. Although this concept has been in mind for a long time, the pursuit of better electric bikes has not lost. Some of the latest innovations that have improved the technology of electric bicycles include torque sensors, power control, advanced batteries and better hub motors.

The history of electric bikes may be more than a hundred years, but we have not abandoned this technology. Inventors continue to develop new patents for electric bicycles and increasingly improve their original ideas. Millions of electric bikes are sold in the American and Europe, and the number continues to grow. More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of electric bicycles.

Take the United States as an example. As early as 2012, China sold about 25 million ebikes, while less than 100,000 electric bicycles were sold in the United States. Why aren’t these electric bikes popular there? First, electric bicycles are likely to get high prices (usually between $1,000 and $5,000). Another reason why sales of electric bikes are lagging behind may be the American spirit of hard work and independent struggle. Perhaps this style does not match the convenience of electric bikes.

Electric bicycles are still increasing. Because they are so easy and convenient, they arouse people’s interest. The e-bike is the future, obviously, the future is now.

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