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The Perfect Bike for American Market A6AB26

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The first thing you will probably notice about our HOTEBIKE is the sweet paint job,black or white with perfect matt finish. It’s got bottle battery on the frame. 


The second, but equally important, thing to note about our HOTEBIKE bikes is the care we put into the design of the bike.  The frame, while sturdy enough to support riders of all sizes, is lightweight and perfect for maneuvering around the city. This streamlined design makes it easy for you to get on and off the bike.Also, with 36V 350W Brushless motor ,36V 10AH  bottle battery,1:1 PAS range with pedal assistant up to 40-60 KM,well designed LCD display with many functions like: 5 speed control, error mode, range,battery capacity , Speed ,front light control. These will be enough to make your way through San Francisco ,California,New York,etc. We’ve got ladies and mens frames in a wide range of sizes, so when you’re ready to bike , we’ve got a HOTEBIKE waiting for you!

If you’re thinking about hopping on a bike and touring around your whole city, there is no better bicycle to do that on than our custom made HOTEBIKE! It’s a perfect bike that we designed and manufactured specifically for a ride through the USA.


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