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The Watts of electric bicycle

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In most cases, the watt rating of the electric bicycle motor indicates how much energy the motor can continuously process (or consume). This continuous power rating is different from the peak power rating and describes how much energy the motor can manage (or consume again) in a short time. The electric bicycle motor may reach its peak power level under pressure, climbing or similar conditions. Therefore, when you compare e-bikes, first determine whether continuous or peak watts are reported.

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Allocation of influence
While there may be a relationship between the wattage rating of the electric bicycle motor and the “strong” feel of the electric bicycle, depending on the configuration of the electric bicycle, the power of the wheels may vary greatly for motors with the same wattage rating. In fact, the wattage rating may be the lowest indicative measure we consider in this article, since the controller and battery of an e-bike may have a lot to do with how the e-bike feels while riding.

You can find one of the best examples of the difference between the motor power rating and the performance of an e-bike when you compare the mid-drive and hub drive e-bikes. The hub motor is located in the hub of one of the bicycle wheels and provides propulsion by rotating any wheels attached to it. These are the most commonly used electric motors with the first widespread use of electric bicycles. In contrast, a “mid-drive motor” drives the power of a bicycle’s transmission system, usually in a crank set. By supplying power directly to the bicycle’s cranks, the central drive motor works closely with the bicycle’s existing gears, amplifying the mechanical advantages they offer. This is especially useful for climbing steep hills or driving on extended slopes, according to the buyer’s guide.

Thus, in some cases, an electric bike with a mid-drive electric motor rated at potentially 350 watts of continuous energy may have more “” power” “than a wheel-driven electric bike with 500 or even 750 watts.


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