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Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush 2200mAh Battery 80 Days on One Charge 4 Brush Heads (Copy)

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This toothbrush is only available in the USA,Canada and Russia!
2200mAh BatteryUltra-long Lasting Power(using 65-80 days)
5 Brushing Modes Meet Various Oral Care Needs
“Strong” and “Soft” Two Different Types of Brush Heads
Inductive charging
IPX7 Waterproof Design & Dual Charging Protection
31000 Sonic Vibrations For Powerful Clean
High-quality Motor Shaft & Nice Grip
Memory function & Develop A Good Brushing Habit

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Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush 2200mAh Battery 80 Days on One Charge 4 Brush Heads

2200mAh BatteryUltra-long Lasting Power(using 65-80 days)

This Vsmile electric toothbrush is rechargeable with upgraded built-in 2200mAh battery, which has a much longer lasting power than 800mAh battery used in ordinary toothbrushes. 12 hours charging supports 65-80 days using (twice a day), 3x longer than common electric toothbrushes.

Memory function
Stop after 2 minutes, the next time is the same mode. For example, the brushing mode is “White”. When the sonic vibration is automatically stopped after brushing the teeth, it is in the “White” mode when it is turned on next time.

5 Brushing Modes Meet Various Oral Care Needs
Clean: Universally everyday clean & plaque removal (2 minutes)
Whiten: Surface stains removal (2 minutes) + front teeth polish (30 seconds)
Polish: Gentle polish and brightening of front teeth (1 minute)
Gum Care: Clean Mode (2 minutes) + gentle gum stimulation and massage (1 minute)
Sensitive: Gentle teeth & gum clean, perfect for sensitive teeth and first-time users (2 minutes)

Two Different Types of Brush Heads
We provide different brush heads to suit different needs. 2 W-shaped hard brush heads offer stronger power of plaque cleaning, and the blue color of the bristles will fade as time passes, reminding you to change your brush heads. 2 soft toothbrush heads are more suitable for people with sensitive teeth.

A waterproof silicone ring
A waterproof silicone ring that prevents water from flowing in from the top of the brush head when using an electric toothbrush.

Inductive charging
Compatible with any device with a USB port. It is convenient for people to travel and go on a business trip. Equipped with a wireless charging base.
Most electric toothbrushes are designed with a USB socket directly on the brush bar. However, it makes easy for water to come into contact with the sensing area of the socket, which destroys the service life. And we use inductive charging, which does not design sockets on the toothbrush to provide water resistance and long life. 

IPX7 Waterproof Design
Suitable for using in the bath and shower.
It can effectively protect the battery, extend the product life and prevent leakage, short circuit, surge, overcharge, overheating and battery corrosion.
In addition, there is antiseptic and mildew proof, even in the bathroom will not mildew.

Powerful Clean
This electric toothbrush vibrates 31,000 brush strokes per minute to help you clean your teeth and remove the hard plaque.
Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, sonic electric toothbrush can remove plaque on the tooth surface and gap within 14 days, and it will be more scientific to do deep clean.
The use of stainless steel motor shaft makes 31,000 sonic vibrations more stable.

Dual Charging Protection
The electric toothbrush has dual charging protection. Automatically stops charging when fully charged, in case of overcharge of the battery, prevent short circuit and electric leakage.

High-quality Motor Shaft & Nice Grip
Compared with most of the electric toothbrushes in the same industry, whose motor shafts are light and unstable materials like plastic, we use stainless steel material to make the sonic vibration more stable and effective.
Many electric toothbrush handles are smooth but not slip-resistant, and ours is smooth but non-slip, features multi-layer paint and matte appearance, feels good.
Weight: about 130g. A suitable weight. When the smart toothbrush is working, the weight will make us feel the vibration lighter (but it does not affect the brushing effect), and the hand feels comfortable.

Develop A Good Brushing Habit

2 minute smart timer (auto turns off) & transitory pause every 30 seconds (indicates to move to another quadrant of the mouth). It ensures enough brushing time and helps to develop a healthy brushing habit.

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