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What are the benefits of disc brake

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Disc brake has been on the road for many years, but they have become mainstream in the past few seasons, as major bike manufacturers have already provided bikes with discs brake from gravel bikes to endurance bikes to full road races rig in all market areas. As UCI now allows them to enter professional large units, disc brakes are part of an increasingly familiar road cycling landscape.

What are the benefits? People sometimes say that they can easily lock the wheels of road bikes, and they can stop completely with little effort, so there is no need to have more power.A key point is that the disc brake provides more control than the rim brakes before locking. You have more braking range to use, so you are less likely to slip.Everything we care about is before the wheel is locked. You can increase the speed with better control before locking the wheel. Some people call it “modulation.” 

With the rim brake system, you want the wheel rim to be as light as possible, you need it to be sturdy, and you must also provide a braking surface. If you have ridden a carbon fiber rim brake wheel , you would know that although they may be lightweight and fast, the braking performance is not high, especially in wet conditions.The disc brake system allows manufacturers to make more use of the brake surface for innovation because it does not need to be operated as a rim. For example, Shimano equips its hydraulic disc brakes with the so-called Ice Technology, which uses a rotor with a three-layer stainless steel and aluminum sandwich construction. It says this provides better radiation performance and lowers the temperature during braking.Disc brakes apply force to wheels that are different from the rim brakes, so keeping the wheels in the correct position and avoiding axle bending and shedding becomes challenging.

Whether you like it or not, what the professionals are riding has a huge impact on the road bike market. After all, this is the main reason for the existence of sponsorship. When professional riders use specific products that others follow, this is why it is so important that UCI now allows road bikes equipped with disc brakes in large units.


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