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What is an Electric Scooter Like

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Electric scooters are everywhere nowadays.For some people, scooters have become an integral part of everyday life.

So what is an e-scooter like?

Some are in cheap prices and durable but underpowered, rubbish tires slide in wet  and front-wheel drive (inexpensive system, unbalanced). But they do have a purpose. And  some are decent.A decent scooter is a joy. Super convenient, very portable, almost free to run, no work at all, and can cover a considerable distance. With proper brakes, gripping tyres and powerful motors, a decent ESCOOTER will soon become an integral part of your transportation solution. If you like apartments in the city and don’t even have a car, then an electric scooter could be all you need.

At HOTEBIKE we supply 8 inch and 10 inch or larger size escooters, all top-class, high-end scooters that will give years of use. Here recommend you 10 inch hot sale model as below:


Frame: folding Aluminum alloy frame
Trye: 10 inch
Battery capacity: 48v 10AH li-ion battery
Range: 35-45km
Maximum speed: 30km/h
Motor type: 48v 500w Brushless motor
Brake: front & rear disc brake
Input voltage: AC100-240V
Output current: 2A
Charging time: 3-6h
Display: multi-function LCD display

For more info,please clik www.hotebike.com.


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