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When Choosing A Folding Electric Bike What Should You Pay Attention to

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There are many reasons that electric folding bikes are appearing on city streets, trains and buses, office buildings and apartment corridors . Now, more and more companies are working hard to create the ultimate mini commuter machine. If you want a small bike for a multi-day trip or a place to stay in an apartment and have a longer commute, then the point I will mention is what you should pay attention to.

folding electric bike

One of the major considerations when purchasing an electric folding bike is the size of the wheel, as this may affect how small the size of the bike that can be folded  down- or what kind of the terrain it can conquer. Most folding bikes use 20-inch wheels, which means they can be packed into a fairly small size that is suitable for your carrying or traveling. This can be a deciding factor if you plan to do a lot of travel. Another consideration is what terrain you are riding and how it affects tire size. Folding tire bikes are a viable option if you are doing a lot of off-road driving because these four-inch wide tires absorb a lot of rough paths.

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