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When cycling in the winter

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Winter is not traditional time to stay healthy, at least that’s the accepted wisdom. Even professional racing cyclists splurge on a chocolate chip cookie sometime in the winter. If you make cycling part of your lifestyle and keep those pedals spinning all year round, the benefits are like magic. Not only will you enjoy the Christmas celebrations, but you won’t have to waste time getting used to your bike when the bright weather returns in spring. You’re used to riding at full speed, while others tiptoe back into their cycling careers. The same rule applies whether you’re on a single ride or on a multi-month plan: even if you have to tread a little easier, it’s easier to stay on the bike than to stop and start again.

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The advantages of riding a bike are very much, once you have a bike, riding a bike is free, because you only need to provide a few spare parts and maintenance costs, which is still more reasonable than other modes of transportation, and it also allows you to exercise reasonably. As the benefits of any physical activity increase over time, there’s a simple mantra: the earlier you start, the better.

While the cold winds of winter may not be fun for you, everything else winter brings is easy to handle, as long as you have the right kit. It is worth pointing out that riding in the dark is as safe as, and sometimes safer than, riding during the day. The reason for this is that if you wear proper clothing and use proper bicycle lighting, you will be able to drive in the dark. Cycling also helps reduce anxiety and makes you happier. Basically, no matter what the stresses of winter and Christmas are, biking is a very effective way to help you deal with them.


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