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Why Buy an E-Bike from Shuangye

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It is an accepted fact that  “you get what you pay for.” There are many unknown electric bicycle brands that manufacture bad products – that is a complete danger in some cases. For years of developing, Shuangye has became a global leading manufacturer in the personal electric transportation field.We engaged in the research,developent,production,sale and service. Shuangye is the e-bike expert in China. We only sell quality electric bikes that we know, ride and service.

Professional Assembly & Service: All electric bikes that we sell to all over the world are built by professional assemblers following strict quality standards. After assembly, every e-bike gets quality checked. This double check ensures your electric bike is built perfect!
Once you purchase your e-bike from our factory, you can be confident we stand behind our bikes. We offer 15 months warranty for battery and motor.If your e-bike has issues in general use, we will service your bike to fix the problem.

Shuangye has many selections of e-bikes . Check out our selection online :zhsydz.com

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