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Why will you like the hidden battery

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The appearance of the bike is a factor for buyers, so hidden bike batteries can meet their needs. The lithium battery is hidden inside an aluminum alloy folding frame and looks like an ordinary bicycle. So sometimes it’s hard to find bike batteries on electric bikes.

electric bike

The second factor must be power. A common question we hear is, “how long can I ride? Any two-leaf bike battery should last longer than you want. But it’s also a tricky one because it’s not a standard. There are many types of hidden bike batteries, such as 36V / 48V 9AH / 10AH / 14AH. What kind of bike battery you want depends on your needs.

The hidden battery consists of a separate lithium-ion battery that you can lock onto the frame with a key. You can also remove and replace another battery in two steps. In addition to double-leaf bicycles, batteries are naturally safer and more reliable than cheap bicycle batteries.


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