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Best Electric Bikes

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If you ever questioned the future of electric bikes just because you belong to the generation of “pedaling” bikes, you need to take a seat pal!

Traditional bicycles were never out of fashion. After the introduction of electric bikes, people have immediately shifted from physical movement to electrical. There is something for everyone from beach cruisers, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and road bikes.

The joy that comes from riding an E-bike is incomparable. It’s got accessible and convenient features that make it a real gem.

Electric bikes are gradually taking over, not just because they are easy to use but also because they serve as an excellent transportation method. For little to medium-distance travel, having a compact, powerful, and personal-favorite transport buddy makes a lot of sense.

Hence, an electric bike will gently sweep you off your feet with its exquisite design and functionally.  

The market is flooded with many impressive, high-end, and feature-filled electric bikes, but finding the best electric bikes will be an unflattering journey. On the upside, we are here to tag along with you to help you discover the perfect electric bike as per your needs.

Think no further, keep on reading because below lies a list of our top best electric bikes to buy in 2020. They are all aerodynamic bikes that can get you across town with a constant smile on your face and thrill in your blood.

Top 10 Electric Bikes 2020

1. HOTEBIKE 36V 350w Electric Bike

Best Electric Bikes

Want to arrive at your destination faster and sweat-free? Get the HOTEBIKE 36V 350w Electric Bike, on which you don’t have to pedal vigorously. But, if you “got the feeling” in you, you can use the pedals and ride it like a standard bike too.

HOTEBIKE is a dedicated E-bike company with decades of experience in bike development, marketing, and production.

The HOTEBIKE 36V 350w E-bike is a beautiful-looking ride with a lithium-ion battery attached inside the frame. From the appearance, it may look like as a traditional bike, but once you use it, you will understand its functionality.

The battery is removable, which makes it easier to charge it away from the bike. It looks sleek and trendy, and it can take you anywhere you want with minimum efforts.

When it comes to performance, the A6AH26 features a 350W Hub Engine that smoothly takes you uphill with a speed of 30KM/H via the five pedal assist levels and a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle.

Another exciting feature is while you ride, the superb quality LCD panel will display the distance, PAS level, riding speed, temperature, and more.

Features Explained

1. Gear & Brake System: Rear and front mechanical 160 disc brakes deliver an ultimate, ‘whatever-the-weather-is’ braking power. It keeps you steady and safe during emergency stops with a brake distance of 3 meters. Additionally, the 21 speed gear enhances hill-riding power, excellent terrain adaptability, and versatile range options. Moreover, the 360V 350w Electric Bike can be adjusted gear-wise in specific road conditions, such as uphill, downhill, and flat.

2. 3 Functional Modes: HOTEBIKE incorporates this bike with three working modes; Pedal Assist Mode, Normal Bike mode, and Electric Bikes mode. It also has an exceptional warranty for the controller, battery, and motor!

3. The Assembly: The E-bike comes in an almost-assembled situation. All you have to attach is the front wheel, pedal, saddle, handlebars, and the front fork.

4. LED Headlight & LCD Panel: This E-bike includes a front-facing LED headlamp to provide safe vision during nighttime, managed by the exclusive and efficient LCD panel. The panel displays plenty of details, such as temperature, distance, voltage, mileage, etc. It also comes with a USB mobile charging port where you can charge your phone conveniently.

5. Modified Design: The 36V 350w Electric Bike includes a removable hidden lithium battery, a 36V 350w high-powered motor, a durable disc brake, LED headlights, 21 rear derailleur, a stunning LCD panel, and durable, yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame.

2. HOTEBIKE Hybrid Electric Mountain Bike (A6AB26-36V350W)

Best Electric Bikes

If you want to own a dashing electric mountain bike, then your wish will come true with the A6AB26-36V350W Hybrid Electric Bike from HOTEBIKE. It is a blessing in disguise.

It not only rocks all the necessary design details of a new and trendy mountain bike but also packs the standard features of a traditional E-bike with hybrid functionality. The powerful 36V, 50W brushless motor delivers the utmost amount of performance without butchering your eardrums.

We call this the best electric mountain bike because it reflects a tremendous impression on mountain bikers and contains super-efficient safety features. So, it is a hard-core baby with soft and steady features.

Furthermore, the 36V, 10AH lithium battery takes 6 hours to charge, allowing you to ride all day without any interruptions. The aluminum alloy suspension fork lets you unlock and lock suspension by pressing a switch on the ride side of the front.

This bike includes an LCD panel that displays time, temperature, distance traveled, speed, etc. Therefore, you can keep track of whatever hilly and rocky areas you were riding.

Features Explained

1. Powerful Motor: The high-speed 36V, 350W brushless geared motor performs exceptional efficiency, higher than 80%, with noiseless operation.

2. SHIMANO Gear & Tektro Brake System: This electric mountain bike includes the smartest gear technology of all time, the SHIMANO Gear. It compensates 21-speed gears with derailleur for smoothly riding on all terrains, including tough and rocky ones. Also, the Tektro 160 disc brake makes it easier to stop the bike on unannounced occasions.

3. Incomparable Performance: The A6AB26-36V350W electric mountain bike offers a Pedal Assist System with a maximum speed capacity of 30KM/H, with a charging time of 6 hours. Additionally, it can carry 150 kg of weight with little effort.

4. Electrical Components: As for the electrical attachments on this electric-based mountain bike, it includes a 36V, 10AH lithium battery, a multi-functional LCD panel, one USB charging port, a 3W LED headlight, and a 42V, 2A charger.

5. Safety First: The A6AB26-36V350W Electric Mountain Bike from HOTEBIKE is safe and easy to ride.

6. Efficient Braking: With its instant breaking and gear system, you can ride around town without the thought of bumping into something or getting into a situation where the brakes won’t push – a real nightmare!

3. Aluminum alloy frame electric bicycle 20 inch (A2AL20)

Use Electric Bikes

Wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true to ride a bike that has no complicated nooks and crannies, is light-weight, and can take you anywhere in a jiffy? Well, the Aluminum Alloy Frame 20-inch Electric Bike from HOTEBIKE is here to please you!

Just from the appearance, you can judge it is the right size and offers foldable capabilities. It packs incredible performance for a mini bike. It’s got that killer design that sets it apart from every other mini electric bike that folds.

The Aluminum Alloy Electric Mini Bike uses a hidden lithium-ion battery in the frame, which is removable so you can replace it or charge the battery separately. The sleek and fashionable design makes it a new option for everyone.

As it is a mini, foldable electric bike, you can carry it around with convenience or place it in the trunk or bus while traveling. Because of its superior accessibility, this bike stands tall among all the other HOTEBIKE mini electric models.

Features Explained

1. Classic Frame: The stunning and smooth classic aluminum alloy frame incorporates a patented design with independent development. The molded frame design adds compatibility to the mini-foldable bike design.

2. High-Performance Motor: The rear wheel, 36V, intelligent, brushless motor, and 36V10AH lithium-ion battery gives you ultimate performance while biking across town. A mini E-bike with this much capacity is titled as the best mini electric bike from HOTEBIKE.

3. Electronic Add-Ons: HOTEBIKE manufacturer is solely responsible for the production and designing of every electric addition to the bike. This mini-foldable bike includes a sizeable LCD panel display that shows data like mileage, voltage, distance, temperature, and more. Additionally, it consists of a USB charging port for mobile phone charging and an LED headlight to ride safely at night.

4. Suitable For: As it is a mini-foldable electric bike, it is easy to store in public transport or car, and easy to carry. You can use it for meeting with friends, outings, and for commuting.

5. Foldable E-Bike: The foldable features and lightweight body allow you to fold the bike and carry it anywhere. Most of all, you don’t have to worry about space issues because this E-bike will effortlessly fit anywhere.

4. HOTEBIKE Folding Electric Bike 36V Battery

Folding Electric Bike

Riding a folding electric bike is only fun when the bike FOLDS.

The HOTEBIKE Folding Electric Bike with a 36V lithium-ion battery is here to make history with its extraordinary performance, attractive design, and advanced features.

One noticeable factor is that this bike incorporates the design of a minibike with the ease of folding while being 20-inch in length.

When describing the quality of construction, the 6061 aluminum alloy frame says a lot about durability. Like every other HOTEBIKE, this one also includes the SHIMANO Gear System, which smoothes instant stops on all terrains.

The super-powerful motor works flawlessly without producing any irritating noises. Moreover, you can keep track of your compact riding with the lit-LCD Panel that displays temperature, distance, speed, battery, etc.

Lastly, the most loveable element of this E-bike from HOTEBIKE is that it is easy to fold, which lets you take it anywhere you want with little to no space problems.

Features Explained


1. 20-inch Folding E-Bike: Whether you want to go commuting, meeting friends, or exercising, this folding electric bike will serve every little purpose. It is small, foldable, and packs a battery equivalent to the one in a mountain bike.

2. PAS Sensor & Original SHIMANO Gear System: The highly advanced ten magnets pedal assist sensor packs 1: 1 pedal assist, which will enhance your journey with more comfort and safety. Moreover, the five adjustable speed levels and the PAS sensor can help you ride a folding electric bike more professionally. 

3. Electric Motor & other Parts: The high-speed brushless motor delivers extreme efficiency and makes no noise while moving. Other electric components include the LED headlight and the multi-functional LCD panel that shows crucial information like distance, battery capacity, speed, temperature, and more. 

4. Foldable Benefit: It takes minimum efforts to assemble this folding E-bike, and when you want to fold it, it will become portable and small. It is ready to go everywhere with no space problems!

5. Powerful Battery: Thanks to the durable 36V, 10AH lithium-ion battery, this foldable E-bike looks more beautiful and urban. The way the battery is fitted into the frame enhances the overall appearance of the bike.

5. HOTEBIKE 27.5-inch Electric Mountain Bike 36V 350W

Amazing Bike

The 27.5-inch Electric Mountain Bike 36V, 350W from HOTEBIKE flashes an intriguing blend of high-build quality, stunning handling, and a reasonable price. It is designed to withstand all terrains with stunting and releasing power-vibes wherever you go.

Assistance from the 36V, 350W motor is efficient, and its ‘you can go anywhere’ design makes it one of the most addictive electric mountain bikes. It has a smart LCD panel that tracks your distance, time, temperature, speed, etc.

In contrast, you can ride across the mountains with the wind touching your face. Also, the suspension-aluminum alloy front fork offers sharp and steady handling. The light weight of the bike also makes it a suitable E-bike for different rides.

The 27.5-inch, 36V, 350W is one of the safest electric mountain bikes around – why is that? The rear and front Tektro 160 disc brake offers smooth control on the brakes no matter the terrain!

The 36V, 10AH lithium-ion battery makes this mountain electric bike run with a speed of 30KM/H. Also, the battery is waterproof and hidden in such a remarkable way that it does not affect the appearance of the bike. It remains tough and tangible.

Features Explained

1. Incredible Comfort: The 21-speed SHIMANO gears and Pedal Assist System guarantees a smooth ride every time. The front suspension aluminum fork also delivers tangle-free movement and improves the riding experience. 

2. Effortless to Ride: The 36V, 10AH lithium-ion battery offers a quiet and killer design with the quick release front wheel, making it safe to ride in the rain. Besides that, it takes 5 minutes to assemble the rest of the bike’s electric parts, as the bike does not come fully assembled. 

3. Jaw-Dropping Motor Performance: You can rely on the 350W powerful brushless motor to power your mountain ventures into something even more thrilling. The max speed is 30KM/H, which is enough to have you win the race! 

4. Electric Embellishments: Like all the other HOTEBIKE makes and models, this one also includes an LCD Panel for displaying the remaining battery, trip distance, motor power display, cruise function, speed, and the PAS level.

6. HOTEBIKE Classic 27.5″ Electric Mountain bike A6AB26

Smooth Bike Ride

The key to finding the best electric mountain bike is to check its motor and battery capacity. Above all, its design – is it comfortable or not?

The HOTEBIKE Classic 27.5″ Electric Mountain Bike with the A6AB26 model contains all of the above-said attributes. It is for all the reckless mountain riders who are crazy enough to ride on mountains all day but sensible enough to consider their chosen bike’s comfort.

Without a doubt, this E-bike is a beautiful make from HOTEBIKE. It packs an astonishing amount of performance to let you ride safely and smoothly on all types of terrains.

Coming to the construction and specs, they are the same as every other HOTEBIKE electric mountain bikes. Still, the primary feature that sets this bike apart from others is its classic look and size.

Somehow, it may appear to be a heavy-weight E-bike. Nevertheless, you can make an E-bike exception with a 36V brushless motor controller and powerful battery capacity.

Features Explained

1. Gear Shifter and Brake Levers: The compact design offers togetherness of the SHIMANO Speed gear with a derailleur, and an upgraded brake system to provide the ultimate control to the rider. 

2. Smart LCD Panel: A futuristic E-bike requires advanced controls. That said, this mountain bike form HOTEBIKE comes with an LCD panel on the front that displays riding speed, cruise function, battery capacity, trip distance, and PAS Levels.

3. Add-Ons: Thanks to the LED front light, you can ride during the darkest of nights by flashing a powerful light on the road. Moreover, it comes with a mobile phone charging port that lets you charge your phone while riding. 

4. Cruise-Control Brakes: Having control while cruising is necessary, and the Tektro 160 disc brake checks that. It keeps you safe by instantly working on your command, as the brakes are efficient and smooth enough to stop the bike with one push. 

5. The Mountain Motor: The 36V Brushless motor controller packs enough performance and durable construction to last your E-bike for years. It lets you ride with a maximum speed of 30KM/H effortlessly.

7. HOT BIKE 20″ 36V 350W Beach Snow Fat Tire Mini Electric Bike

Beach Electric Bike

Electric bikes are creating awareness for green travel with clean, exciting, and efficient modes of transportation. That said, the HOTEBIKE Fat-Tire Mini Electric Bike is the perfect option implement on the green rule.

It comes with three riding modes; each mode delivers different forms of thrill and speeds. Firstly, the PAS mode is a combination of thumb throttle and pedal assist. Secondly, it’s the Pure Electric mode, which includes the thumb throttle to move forward without pedaling. Thirdly, the Normal way is all about riding your E-bike like a standard bike with no electric power.

The design of this mini beach-bike is comfortable and gets along with the beach sand with its thick tires that are slip-resistant and steady. The LCD Panel displays backlight and headlights, PAS level, single trip time, environment temperature, distance, and battery capacity.

Indeed, you will have an excellent time riding the beach’s waves with this mini thick-tired electric bike.

Features Explained

1. Durable Motor & Break System: The rear and front mechanical 160 disc brakes deliver all-weather reliable stopping power. There is an inductive power-off switch on the brake levers to protect the functionality of the motor.

So, when you press the brakes, the disc brakes will signal the engine to shut down. Additionally, the 36V, 350W brushless motor offers exceptional climbing power to help you become the conqueror of all terrains.

2. Industrial Aluminum Alloy Frame: The light, yet sturdy aluminum frame with anti-exposure, anti-rust painting material prevents potential scratches or other wear and tear. Moreover, this E-bike features a 5V USB mobile phone charging port and an LED headlight for safe riding at night.

3. New, Sturdy Fat-Tire Design: With the simple and stylish “retro” designed with the latest E-biking technology, you can expect this model to deliver superior mechanical performance. The thicker tires offer steadiness and blend well with the mini-beach electric bike design.

These tires are anti-slip, comfortable to ride, and suitable for snowy or rainy mountain paths.

4.Hidden 36V/10AH Lithium-ion Battery: With this much battery capacity, you can reach long ranges between 35-50 miles with every PAS Mode. The battery is hidden under the oblique bar, and it is removable, lockable, and invisible as well.

Moreover, it takes 4-6 hours to charge the battery.

8. HOTEBIKE Mid-Drive Bicycle Max A5AH26MD

White Electric Bike

When it comes to discovering the best mid-drive electric bike, your options are limited. Luckily, HOTEBIKE has a worthy competitor for you.

The white aluminum alloy frame makes this E-bike look like a sophisticated mid-driving machine.

The HOTEBIKE Mid-Drive E-Bike Max A5AH26MD is the perfect way to go. It packs the feeling of a fully-functional standard E-bike with a 36V250W/350W mid-drive engine that packs a beast’s performance.

From the appearance, it looks like a squeezed-up E-bike, but that’s not how it feels when you ride it. The HOTEBIKE traditional 160 Disc brakes add an element of safety and smoothness on every terrain.

You can even track your riding performance via the correctly mounted LCD Panel that shows your ride’s necessary details.

For a mid-drive electric bike, this model is comfortable yet very powerful. It can travel 25-35 KM/H with the convenient Pedal Assist System. Therefore, you can ride your E-bike without worrying about the surface of terrains.

Features Explained

1. Hidden Mid-Drive E-Bike: HOTEBIKE equips this cool and trendy mid-drive electric bike with a 36V9AH/10AH lithium-ion hidden battery and mid-drive sufficient electric 36V250W/350W motor.

2. Remarkable Brake System: Thanks to the 160 disc brake system, it enhances the efficiency of the E-Bike up to 20%, precisely preventing the brakes from going out of control.

3. Best riding Feels: The comfortable and steady saddle gives you an excellent riding feel. Moreover, the handlebars offer a slip-free grip, all thanks to the aluminum alloy frame.

4. A Sweet-Looking LCD Panel: The LCD Panel displays five different Assist adjustments, mileage, voltage, distance, temperature, and battery.

9.  Electric commuter Bike (A3AL28)

Commuter Electric Bike

When all public transport is closed, what do you do? For starters, you wish you had a premium quality commute E-bike standing in your garage, but the price-point is what talks you out of it. Well, the HOTEBIKE Electric commuter bike is here to change your mind.

Say goodbye waiting for the bus at the bus stop, surrounded by a bunch of strangers. With the commuter E-bike, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. It packs the same performance as in any other E-bike from HOTEBIKE.

It is equipped with a Dual 160 Disc brake, Kenda tires, three working modes, and a 7-speed shifter to enhance biking smoothness. Everything about this E-bike screams, “buy me, buy me!”

This commuter bike features a comfy and smooth saddle, a powerful motor, high-speed control options, a smartly hidden battery, and 1 LED headlight to enhance vision during nighttime. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect bike for individuals who need a speedy yet green way of traveling.

Features Explained

1. Sturdy Frame: The 6061 aluminum alloy material sharpens this E-commuter bike’s appearance by letting you ride across town on top of a true masterpiece.

2. Incredible Motor & Brakes: With the 7-speed SHIMANO Gear with a derailleur, a smooth ride is confirmed, even if you pass by rocky terrains on your way to work. Also, the 36V350W brushless motor controller reflects on the intelligence of this E-bike.

3. Electrical Components: The 36V10AH lithium-ion battery boasts power and performance, while the 3W LED headlight, 1 USB phone charging port, and the multi-functional LCD panel increase the efficiency of your ride.

4. Performance: It incorporates maximum speed up to 30KM/H with initiating modes from the thumb throttle or PAS. Moreover, the maximum amount of load this E-bike can carry is up to 120kgs.

10. China 26″ 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike (G4)

Mountain Electric Bike

Sure, HOTEBIKE has a range of reliable and incredible quality foldable E-bikes. Still, the quality possessed in this one is worth noticing!

Firstly, this is an E-bike that contains foldable features and impeccable riding capabilities for rocky mountains. It is lightweight, has robust construction quality, and does not let you down in terms of performance.

The 36V350W brushless motor is enough to rock your world! Although, if this is the first time you hear about a foldable mountain E-bike, then it is truly your lucky day. Everything about this E-bike is convenient and extraordinary.

Furthermore, its electrical add-ons are the same as the other mountain or foldable E-bikes. Still, the significance of this model is appreciated for its sleek and portable design.

Features Explained

1. Best Folding E-Bike Performance: The E-bike’s initiating modes are either via the thumb throttle or the Pedal Assist System. You can ride with a max speed of 30KM/H, and prefer to put your folding E-bike on charge for 6 hours whenever the battery is low.

2. Central Components: A foldable E-bike must have a beautiful aluminum alloy material frame. This E-bike exceeds the limits of beauty. It features a rear expansion brake, a front V-brake, single-speed gear, and 1.75 Kendra tires.

3. Electrical Components: Initially, it is the 36V10AH lithium-ion battery that counts, and secondly, the 36V350W brushless motor! Other than that, the multi-functional LCD panel makes it easier to track your performance while biking, while the LED headlight gives you sight at night.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Bike in 2020

Electric bikes are, of course, traditional bikes with the enhancement of an electric motor that makes riding an E-bike faster and clean. There’s no denying that electric bikes may be the future of transportation, alongside other electric two-wheels.

Electric bikes incorporate the same appearance to a traditional bike and are used in the same way, by pedals that function when you start the bike. Additionally, the motor is the cornerstone of the electric bike.

Generally, electric bikes will give you extra power via the engine when pedaling.

An electric bike packs a lot of benefits. A first-time buyer may be a bit intimidated by the vast market of E-bikes. Indeed, it takes a lot of know-how to buy almost anything; similarly, purchasing an efficient E-bike requires close attention to some essential factors.

Types of Electronic Bikes

Range of bikes

Over the past years, E-bikes have been trending like crazy. Not so long ago, the only bikes with electric functionality were city bikes. Still, now there’s a chain of several electric bikes.

Bike riders from all over the globe are going electric, including road cyclists and mountain bikers that love a little boost along the way.

There is an electric mountain bike, electric road bike, electric foldable bikes, and electric gravel bikes where the batteries and motors are adjusted into frames that appear to look like traditional bikes.

Furthermore, there are specific electronic bikes specially designed for the urban environment called city electric bikes. Due to having a dipping tube or no tube at all, these bikes have a step-through frame – to make the process of getting on is more comfortable.

Moreover, some bikes come with a storage compartment as well, and they are called electric cargo bikes. One similarity of all the electric bike makes and models are that they feature handlebars and a comfortable seating position compared to old bikes.

The most in-trend type is the folding electric bike. These incorporate typically-designed engines that fit into lighter, smaller frames. Sadly, these are less durable than the other electric bike types.

On the other hand, they are perfect for individuals who need a regular buddy for transportation and having the ease of storing it under the desk at work, or under the bed at home.

Fundamentally, the best type of electric bike for you will directly hinge on why you need an E-bike, and primarily, its usage.

Value & Price

Compared to ordinary bikes, electronic bikes are relatively more expensive because of the enclosure and maintenance costs of the engine system, and other electric parts.

You must know that buying isn’t the only time for you to spend cash, as electric bikes demand further maintenance expenses. Besides that, the cost of a high-performance electric bike will include the following aspects:

1. Frame material

2. Motor construction

3. The capacity of the battery or the presence of an additional battery

4. The reputation of the manufacturer

5. Mechanical parts

Although electric bikes are expensive, the cost can even increase or lessen according to your commute habits.

Ask yourself this question: Do I spend the same amount of money per year on public transport or parking, congestion, and fuel charges for your vehicle? If your answer is YES, then buying an electric bike is the best money saver for you.

The Range

Your E-bike range strictly depends on how you ride one. That said, claimed ranges from manufacturers should be taken.

If you keep riding the bike in its most extreme form, then you will immediately drain the battery. Besides that, riding the bike on hilly terrains will demand more assistance, depending on the motor your bike has.

Luckily, the best electric bikes feature companion applications that provide insight into achieving the most range. Your potential range ultimately relies on your battery capacity, the output of the motor, and how you ride it.

Battery Capacity

Capacity Of Electric Bikes

Without a doubt, battery technology is evolving. Most of the batteries used in electric bikes are small enough to fit into frames. Meanwhile, other famous brands are squeezing the battery size more and more.

Battery dimensions depend on the usage – for an off-road electric bike or a mountain bike, a smaller battery integrated into the frame is used to enhance aesthetics and performance. On the other hand, city bikes use larger batteries attached to the outside of the frame.

Regardless of what type of electric bike you pick, you need to understand that battery capacity usually drains with time and use. It is best to look for electric bikes from highly-recommended companies that come with excellent warranties.

Quality of Construction & Durability

Electric bikes are more established than plain e-scooters because they pack more standards and regulations that reflect a significant impression. It does not take many considerations to rely on an excellent quality electric bike, as long as they meet the necessary standards and requirements.

It is suitable to opt for branded electronic bikes because they offer perfect quality and reasonable warranties. A proper way to test the quality of an electric bike is to ride it in the rain. If it works without any disturbance in the motor, it is good for long-term use. If otherwise, you know what to expect.

Weight of the Electric Bike

Weight Of Electric Bike

The weight of an electric bike is significantly influenced by the weight of the motor, its electrical parts, and the battery.

Ideally, electric bikes weigh around 11-12kg, but in case of a city bike, it weighs nearly 25kg – which is a lot! The worst case is to carry it around onto buses, trains, or elevators.

If you need a reliable choice in terms of weight, then foldable electric bikes stand out. They are designed to be as portable as possible with lesser weight and a collapsible structure. Unfortunately, the puny wheels and ride quality generally reflects on how uncomfortable longer rides will be.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What makes an electric bike better than other bikes?

An electric bike is better than every other option because:

• It is faster compared to conventional bikes.

• It lets you ride into headwinds and uphill.

• Higher assist provides the convenience of riding a bike.

• It accelerates quickly from a stop, hence; safe to ride.

• Electric bikes reduce pressure on joints, hips, and knees.

2. How far will an electric bike go?

The majority of electric bikes range between 20-30 miles, and the riding conditions play a vital role in the range as well. The best electric bikes are available with superior range, up to 100 miles, but they are more cumbersome and more expensive.

3. How much capacity does an electric bike contain?

Most high-end electric bikes range from 260 watts to 760 watts, and that is the maximum value of power.

4. Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

Yes, some electric bikes offer this feature, but this demands a hefty amount of pedaling. Indeed, that will be one hell of a workout. Also, other electric motorcycle makes and models offer regenerative braking that charges the battery while you press the brakes.

5. How much does an electric bike cost?

The prices range from $500 to $10,000, or even higher! On the other hand, the price range for excellent quality electric bikes is between $1,200 and $2,500.

6. Are electric bikes popularly used in the US?

Yes, they receive a lot of popularity because many of us are searching for a casual yet fast way of transportation. Additionally, electric bikes are famous in China and Europe as well.

7. Is it suitable to travel on an electric bike?

Well, that depends on how rocky and smooth the road of travel is, plus if you’re planning to carry snacks with you, then there might be a few disturbances.

According to experts, it is suggested not to travel on an electric bike, unless you have an incredibly lightweight bike with remarkable battery capacity. It is possible to make an exception.

8. What is the lifespan of the battery?

Usually, you can charge lithium-ion batteries a thousand times. If you keep charging for more extended periods, an electric bike battery may lose its power, which will affect your bike’s performance.

To answer the question, electric bikes with larger battery capacities tend to last for a longer time compared to those with little.

9. How can I secure my electric bike?

An electric bike owner must take all the necessary precautions required for the safety of their bike. That includes a durable, solid gold lock.

Given the value of an electric bike, you must always park it somewhere safe when you’re outside.

Most electric bikes are available with a companion app that lets you keep track of your E-bike and detect unusual movements.

10. How much do electric bikes weigh?

Generally, standard electric bikes range between 45-60 pounds. Moreover, there are some models that are even heavier.

Closing Statement

Having an electric bike is cool, but taking some time out to determine its uses can be a big help when you’re finally buying. The entire world is now using electric bikes as their ultimate transportation mode, especially when the buses are full.

All in all, an electric bike is incredible for your health and expenses. One useful thing is that you don’t have to browse anymore because you already know about the best electric bikes available to knock the socks off everyone.


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