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7 tips for riding on dark roads

Riding is usually a daytime activity, but sometimes even at night, those spacious highways are still beckoning you. If you are worried that riding at night is not safe and warm enough, then the following gadgets and tips may help you.


1. The light is not just for you to see the way, sometimes it exists to let others see you. For safety, you may need to attach lights to your handlebars, helmet, and rear. The handlebar lights can help you illuminate the road ahead, so you can see the oncoming vehicles, the rear lights can make the rear vehicle aware of your presence, and the helmet lights can also illuminate your vision.


2. Remember, don’t turn the lights to flash mode, as long as the lights can illuminate the 20-foot road in front of you. Both for you and the driver opposite you, too bright or even flashing lights are dangerous. But remember to always be careful because drivers do not always stare at those who ride at night.


3. Pay attention to the riding speed, don’t ride too fast, give yourself enough reaction time to deal with any obstacles on the road. If you can, find someone to ride with you, after all, many people also take care of it.



4. Choose clothing with reflective fabric, it can provide you with two functions: it can make you warm, but also can be seen by others. On cold nights, keeping warm is essential, do n’t forget to wear gloves and hats, of course, and socks.



5. Before you go out, check if your bicycle has any possible problems. I guess you do n’t want to lose half of the chain when you ride on the road in the cold night.



6. Familiarize yourself with your route during the day, so that you can know where there are obstacles and at the same time you can also know where there will be chaotic intersections. If you are a new rider at night, a well-lit bike path at night can make you more relaxed. Just ride on such a road until you feel that you can deal with a darker route.


7. Even on a road with good lighting conditions, there will always be some sudden situations that will surprise you. At this time, remember to use legs instead of hips to support your weight, in order to absorb sudden bumps.



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