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Precautions for riding in the rain

Seeing this theme, some people will think: Riding on rainy days is a very bad thing, because it will cause the whole body to be wet and dangerous. So, is it really impossible to ride a bicycle on a rainy day? The answer is yes, but you need more preventive measures! How to solve the problem of “riding on rainy days and how to do if the ground is slippery”, I think we should be prepared in advance. We need to ride on rainy days and we must find a solution.

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First, take precautions on the bicycle frame. When driving in the rain, the most effective way to prevent rain from splashing is to install mudguards on the electric bicycle. Installing mudguards is a good way to effectively prevent rainwater on the road from splashing on the body.

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Secondly, when driving on rainy days, the ground is very slippery, so be sure to check the degree of tire wear. The tire is in direct contact with the ground. If the tire is not good, it is easy to fall and be injured in an emergency. Therefore, in the case of riding on a rainy day, be sure to check the tire wear. If the wear is severe, it is recommended to suspend the trip or replace the tires.

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There is one more thing to note. The markings such as the zebra crossing on the road are very smooth after being wet by rain. Please try to avoid putting the brakes on these marks when riding, because this will easily make the bicycle slip and crash. There is still a saying to warn young riders: “Be careful.” Because young people are energetic, they will inevitably show impromptu performances when riding, such as drag racing and grudges. They are most likely to trip.

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Next, we start with people. For traditional commuting in the rain, the most used is the poncho. Its wide windward side can block the rain to the maximum. However, this open structure also has great disadvantages and has no resistance to wind, so it is not resistant to people. The protection of the lower limbs is very weak. Besides, cool riders generally look down on this kind of “earth equipment”.

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Then there is the raincoat. Its protection index is high, and it has the least impact on people’s riding movements. Moreover, it has a variety of styles and colors to choose from, which has obvious advantages. But raincoats also have inconveniences, that is, it is troublesome to put on and take off, and the air permeability is a more difficult problem to solve, and long-term riding will cover up sweat.

In addition to raincoats, you can also consider wearing assault clothes. Compared with a raincoat, it is more breathable (of course, it must be a high-quality jacket).

Some people will ride with umbrellas in the rain. This is too dangerous and is never recommended.

Having said so much, in fact, we have not evolved a more advanced method in the way of fighting rain. Just sum up experience in the traditional way and continuously optimize.

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Finally, I still want to emphasize that riding in the rain is not more than usual. One is that the road is slippery, the other is that visibility is reduced, and the third is that the riding action is restricted, so the danger naturally increases. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety and never take it lightly.

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