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Electric bicycles no longer need to be recharged.

For electric bike users, especially for many high-frequency users, such as food delivered, sending a courier. The electric bike with non-removable battery not only has the problem of inconvenient charging, but also the cruising range is not enough. The solution to this situation is nothing more than two:either to increase the capacity of the battery pack, or to prepare a few sets of battery cycle charge replacement.



The demand for electric vehicle batteries in the take-away industry and the logistics distribution industry is extremely high. The problem of increasing the battery pack capacity is that the battery cost too high. The excessive battery pack not only increases the load weight of the whole vehicle, but also the safety of these batteries. It is also more expensive. The replacement of multiple sets of batteries also has the same high cost of purchase, and it is equally easy to cause accidents when the home or company is charged unattended.





Many self-ignition accidents of electric vehicles are caused by battery charging or malfunction.

In view of the above problems in terms of cost, efficiency and safety, the whole industry is in urgent need of a new solution to improve the cruising range and charging safety of electric vehicles. The power-changing model came into being and quickly became a new choice for many of the current take-away distribution industries.






Get acquainted with the detachable battery:

36V 10AH Lithium-ion battery with bottle battery box, very classical. With high capacity and low internal resistance, you can charge and discharge the battery at any time.

Modern Shape design, easy to install and remove. The battery uses high-tech lithium technology, with waterproof design, long cycle life, small size and light weight. Easy to transport and safe to use.

With stable performance, after being charged and discharged for 600 times, the battery capacity is still more than 65% of the rated capacity.




IF you wish Hotebike’s electric bikes is even more cool. You can also choose the battery hidden on the oblique bar. The two models are quite excellent in performance. How many steps do you have to make the electric car ”full of blood“? If this problem is placed before, you may need to find a place with power and parking, then plug in the bike and wait for about 8 hours, the car will be “full of blood”. But our battery,36V 10AH removable Lithium-Ion battery, can reach an extra long range up to 35-50 miles per charge, and a full charge takes just 4 hours!!!




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